Tuesday, May 05, 2009

TUES 5/5: Rock, Talk, Films, Eating & Spelling Games

Akron/Family, free pre-gig
Sure... It's great to have a reason to get plastered, and it's Cinco de Mayo, but here's a little tip: most bars serve tequila and Corona all year long even if they're not you're favorite Mexican restaurant.

I saw that Dick's Last Resort has $3 maragaritas. Kings has free bowling and pool after 9pm; you can get a free quesadilla if you present this coupon.


TUES 5/5

Akron/Family: In-Store Performance & Autograph Signing
at Newbury Comics, 332 Newbury Street, Boston (Back Bay)

If I got out of work early enough (and still worked downtown), I'd head over to check out Akron/Family. I get the sense these trippy folk-rockers can recreate their magical onstage rapport with people at an in-store performance.

TUES 5/5

Andrew Bacevich, "The Limits of Power: The End of American Exceptionalism"
at Brookline Booksmith, 279 Harvard St, Brookline (Coolidge Corner)

Andrew Bacevich is not only a history & foreign relations professor at BU, he's a conservative and former military officer who has long been a critic of the Iraq invasion. It later became personal when his son was killed in action in Iraq. You may not agree with his opinions, but you'll hear an intelligent perspective.

TUES 5/5

6:30pm to 8:30pm
Burrito de Mayo
at Puma City, about 28 Northern Ave, Boston (Waterfront/Fan Pier)

Puma City and the whole Volvo Ocean Race Village is pretty cool. There will probably be a good crowd to see the burrito-eating competitions. There might be other "Cinco de Mayo-themed" events happening in the race village too.

The first round starts at 6:30pm, there's a "celebrity contest" (radio personalities, fire fighters, etc) at 7:30pm, and the finals start around 8pm.

It would be cool to hang out at the Puma bar on the third floor, but it's going to crowded in that narrow set-up -- so don't expect easy drink service.

There will be some giveaways/prizes and some complimentary Qdoba food...

TUES 5/5 (thru TUES 5/12)

7pm, 9:30pm
Boston 48 Hour Film Project
at Kendall Square Cinema, 370 Binney St, Cambridge

About 90 filmmaking teams created shorts from start to finish over this past weekend. On Friday they were each given a genre, a character, a prop and a line of dialogue. After writing, acting, and editing in 48 hours, they turned in the final product on Sunday night.

All of them are shown over 4 nights (2 sessions per night): TUES 5/5 to THUR 5/7 and on TUES 5/12. I've watched a few of these instant films in the past, and they are usually pretty good.

TUES 5/5

Spell or Dare! (7:15pm), The Dejas (10pm)
at Toad, 1912 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Porter Sq)

I've wanted to check out "Spell or Dare" for a while. I know the uber-talented Laura Cortese is the host and she has some cohorts with her. I assume you can choose between a spelling word or a dare...? Signups at 7:15pm, the action "bee-gins" around 8pm.

The Dejas sound pretty good. There is a lot of personality in this acoustic guitar 'n percussion duo. The songs sound good with gentle vocals, and the percussionist employs an array of instruments to keep it interesting.

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