Monday, May 31, 2010

MON 5/31: Folk, Film, Nerds, Jazz, Rock

Whoops! I guess I pressed the wrong button...

Happy Memorial Day!


MON 5/31

"Campfire Festival"
at Club Passim, 47 Palmer St, Cambridge (Harvard Sq)
$10 per day

The real good news is that the weekend is jam-packed with wall-to-wall folky goodness as well as a few groups that don't really sit under the "folk" umbrella like Treat Her Right and Goli.

Performers will sing some songs solo as well as join together for impromptu collaborations -- just like a... campfire sing-along!

Better than most campfires due to fewer mosquitoes -- although no fire for s'mores. On the other hand, Passim serves beer and wine now...

Monday schedule:

Noon -- Sarah Green, Brian Schwartz, Heather Erickson, Bethel Steele, Sierra, Tim Riordan, Julia Brown
2:45pm -- Pesky J. Nixon
3:30pm -- Treat Her Right
4:15pm -- Lydia Warren, Danielle Doyle, Angela Reed, Cariad Harmon
5:45pm -- Adrian Hardkor, David Tanklefsky, Josh Caress, Dave Ellis
7:15pm -- Maeve Gilchrist
8pm -- We're About 9
8:45pm -- Barnaby Bright
9:30pm -- Goli
10:15pm -- Blue Moose & The Unbuttoned Zippers
Am pretty sure you can get back in, if you need to take a break.

MON 5/31

6pm & 9:30pm
Double Feature: "La Dolce Vita" & "Ocean's 11"
at Brattle Theatre, 40 Brattle St, Cambridge (Harvard Sq)

There seems to be a lot of double-features on deck at the Brattle in the next month. They have a connection, such as "both movies were released 50 years ago" -- which happens to be the case for these flicks.

One of Fellini's most popular movies is paired with the original Rat Pack romp that has spawned a modern series of heist films.

MON 5/31

Nerdnite: Beer n' Hackin'
at Middlesex Lounge, 315 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Central Sq)

Yes, you're destroying brain cells when you drink. Think how much smarter the survivors will be if you're listening to presentations with similarly curious people around you! You might even remember some of this stuff the next day..

I guess brewing your own beer can be nerdy. I've considered it, but I know from drinking my friends' attempts is that the first few batches can be so-so. Maybe it's nerdier when a Harvard astrophysicist presents "Preparing for the next prohibition: a primer on brewing your own beer."

The second talk is "Attack of the Packets!: A brief history of Internet Denial of Service attacks", which should be rather insightful if more thorough than the average person might be interested in.

DJ Claude Money will offer some funky, nerd-friendly tunes before, after, and in between.

MON 5/31

G. Calvin Weston: "A Tribute To Ornette Coleman & Free Jazz"
at Outpost 186, 186 1/2 Hampshire St, Cambridge (Inman Sq)
$10 or b/o

The stuff on Weston's MySpace is funky jazz and Calvin Weston's drumming is all over the place in a good way. I'm thinking that they're going get into Ornette territory, because Weston and keyboardist Dave Bryant both played in Coleman's Prime Time band.

You don't need a sax player to pay tribute to Coleman and play some free jazz, but I'm a little less excited because this performance doesn't have one...

MON 5/31

Rob Potylo, Bacchus King
at Great Scott, 1222 Comm Ave, Allston
$6 / 18+

Rob Potylo has left his Roadsteamer persona behind, but it's going to be a while before people will forget the impression of that character. He's working on it with new music that is simple, straightforward tunes that humorous and earnest. On the other hand, Bacchus King offer big, loud, trippy hard-rock splendor.

MON 5/31

Viva Viva, Doomstar!, SkiMask
at Charlie's Kitchen, 10 Eliot St, Cambridge (Harvard Sq)
$5 / 21+

If you don't go to Charlie's tonight, you should listen to Viva Viva's new album. It's one of those great rock records that's filled with diversity yet maintains a continuity through the chugging and churning and chilling. You also get the hyper-garage psych-rock of Doomstar. Speaking of free jazz at Outpost 186 (above), SkiMask shares a similar abandon except that it's louder and snarlier.

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