Friday, May 07, 2010

60 Days of BJ's, Part Deux

Posting the necklace photo (below) reminded me about the BJ's membership deal that I posted about a month ago:

You might as well sign up if there's a location near you, because these stores sell way more than 2-gallon jugs of pickles.

It could be worth a trip* if you're thinking about having a party or two -- and you might find a good deal on something else you're interested in...

The beauty is that you have until July 5 to redeem this coupon, so you could print it out and have a June/July or July/August membership.

*I checked, and there are 8 locations within 20 miles of downtown Boston.

Tip of the hat to The Beantown Bloggery for the original post.

Yes, there's Friday stuff on the calendar. More to come soon (I hope).

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