Thursday, May 20, 2010

THUR 5/20: "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day"

Before I post today's stuff (see calendar), I wanted to say a few words that is under $10...

Seattle artist Molly Norris suggested that today should be "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day" to support "South Park" after they were threatened for depicting the Muslim prophet. Obviously the threats haven't stopped.

From what I understand about Islam, images of Mohammed/Muhammad are discouraged to avoid worship of the man. The brouhaha is sadly a case of fundamentalists going too far, and they appear to have contradicted the original message of not worshiping him.

With the state of the world, worshiping an image of Muhammad seems to be a minor problem. We can see above that the rules weren't always so strident.

Now, many folks are going to draw pictures for reasons other than defending free speech. Whatever happens, it's being perceived by some people as an insult -- instead of an exercise against censorship.

Whether you draw or not, it's more important that everyone respects and tolerates different opinions.


I thought this image from a contest was pretty funny...

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