Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Advance Notice 12/18: "Holiday Mash-Up" DIY Gift Swap

"Choose Your Own Holiday" Gift Swap
at TBA Location (at midnight on FRI 12/17)

All of the details are on their site. This is my quick summary of the details on the Banditos Misteriosos site.

I didn't find their list of 52 national holidays, but there is a rather comprehensive list available.

Rather than stick to the various gift-giving celebrations of December, people are encouraged to make a gift that's related to any holiday (or fictional "day")...

"Make" may be too strong of a word:

- You shouldn't buy it.
- Creating is strongly encouraged.
- An interesting found item would be acceptable.
* Definitely wrap it -- preferably in old/previously-used paper products.
* These events are fun when people are dressed up, so consider the holiday you're representing.
You can check before you go to sleep on Friday night or wake up Saturday morning to find out where to meet.

The locations of these events -- whether a pillow fight or water battle or silent rave, or scavenger hunt, etc -- are usually somewhere downtown and/or somewhere T-accessible.

The Banditos did a gift-swap about a year ago, so they know how to make it happen.

In case you don't want to think about the other to-do items on your list, you still have a few days to get this gift together!


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