Tuesday, December 21, 2010

TUES 12/21: Holiday, Roots, Dance

Happy Winter Solstice everybody!

We got some cold confetti yesterday and today. Yes, you can still go out when there is snow on the ground.

There is a bunch of activity along the Greenway between 4pm and 7pm from North End to Chinatown. It's a celebration for new light installations through March of '11. The excellent Kingsley Flood are scheduled to play near South Station at 4:30pm.


TUES 12/21

"The ButtCracker"
at The Midway Cafe, 3496 Washington St, Jamaica Plain
$7 / 18+

Feat: Rogue Burlesque, The Femme Show, Boston Sass Attack, Bitches of Destiny, The Tranny Roadshow, ImprovBoston, Improv Asylum, TraniWreck

The Nutcracker... The Slutcracker... We should've guessed this was ahead (or behind?). Of course, the trunk is a good place to hide Xmas presents.

Johnny Blazes and Madge of Honor have been presenting a monthly night of experimental cabaret dubbed "Hypothesis". Instead we get a tawdry, sassy holiday show of burlesque, comedy, music, and maybe even puppetry and more.

Everyone can stick around a dance with DJ Golden Touch.

TUES 12/21

Session Americana
at Lizard Lounge/Cambridge Common, 1667 Mass Ave, Cambridge (between Harvard Sq & Porter Sq)

Do you remember that scene in "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" when the Soggy Bottom Boys are recording "Man of Constant Sorrow" around a single microphone?

That's similar to what you can expect from Session Americana. With a couple mic's on a table, as much of the band will squeeze around and rip into song after song like the best jam session in someone's kitchen.

Among all the great rootsy/folky musicians in the area, these guys are among the cream of the crop that have played with too many artists to list.

You can also see them next Tuesday, and the phenomenal Duke Levine will be sitting in.

TUES 12/21

9pm to 1am
Annual Winter Solstice Party
at Enormous Room, 567 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Central Sq)

Feat: Shitaly, DJs Coralcola, Ectocooler, Damien Paul

I'm not sure if Enormous Room really does have an annual solstice party, but it's never too late to start... Anyway people will dance, so people will probably stand in line outside. I've seen people queuing here in the middle of winter, and it's not that great although the couches are very comfortable. Amid the DJ's, Shitaly will perform a set strangely appealing, avant-party rock; you can hear a song on SoundCloud.

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