Saturday, December 11, 2010

SAT 12/11: Early Stuff - Rock & Santa Speedos

Some technical difficulties here, but there is more Saturday cheapness on the calendar, and more to come here.


SAT 12/11 (and SUN 12/12)

Noon to 7pm
Polk Fest 4
at All Asia Cafe, 334 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Central Sq)
$5 / All Ages

There was a gig last night with 10+ musicians, 5 comedians, and a poet; and I thought that was excessive! Polk Records is throwing another Polk Fest with 20 performers over 7 hours on each day. It's a bit better, because this ain't a tiny gallery with no room to move.

Let me clarify: You can "polka", but you might be the only one. There's a bunch of indie/rock/noise and acoustic-based stuff and other weirdness throughout the day. Two artists will be creating on Saturday while all the reverie goes on.

It is a holiday party where people would be saluted for wearing ugly Xmas sweaters and the like. Polk has a compilation of seasonal tunes by a bunch of cool bands that's available for whatever you want to pay online.

Should be a good time. Facebook says this is the scheduled order on each day (first to last).


Ununi, Mudflap Junior Jones, Reverend, Gaetana Brown, Crashing Cars, High Windows, Bent Knee, Matt Kona, Mirror Neurons, Naga Gaga, Stroamata, Brief Awakening, Dadfight, Diamond Mines, Streight Angular, Call of the Drum
-- Live Art by Ian Sanity, James Neville
Tim Novak, Paul Sentz, Madame Psychosis, Assistant Director, Birdorgan, Trusty Sidekick, Daniel Harris, Looks Realistic, The New Highway Hymnal, PFM, Lion Cub, Karen Zanes, School 4 Robots, Ryan Jackson Troika, Night Fruit, Old Hat, Tin Thistles, The New Years Revolution, Ladderlegs, Coffin Choir, Sinbusters
Both nights are good. I've been a fan of Diamond Mines (Saturday) for a long while. The bands I recognize are mainly playing towards the end of the day. I couldn't find anything about "Call of the Drum"; I wonder if it's going to be an ad-hoc drum circle...

At this cover charge, you shouldn't feel bad about going, leaving (with a stamp on your wrist), and coming back later...

SAT 12/11

Annual Santa Speedo Run
Starts at Lir Irish Pub, 903 Boylston St, Boston (Back Bay)
FREE to watch

It's too late for you to run in far too little clothes, but you can watch the 500 runners who have raised at least $300 that goes to 3 local charities (Starlight Childrens's Foundation, Play Ball Foundation, Hospitality Homes).

As a spectator, I guess you can station at your favorite bar along the route on Boylston or Newbury.

It seems like more women participate every year, so the straight male can fully enjoy the spectacle without worrying about what may be the perception... I just know I'm glad I'm not running today. Brrr, shrinkage!

It'll be crowded at Lir, but you might be able to party with the runners with a charitable donation ($20 in previous years).

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