Saturday, April 02, 2011

SAT 4/2: Pillow Fight!

More on the calendar. (Stay tuned, fingers crossed...)


Pillow Fight Day 2011
at Cambridge Common (Harvard Sq)

Just like last year, it's going to be on Cambridge Common. They say it's to avoid ruining grass, which is something we can stand behind if there's room.

More than a thousand people could be there, so it should be quite a spectacle.

Discreetly bring a pillow and wait for the horn to go at it. Shouldn't we do something to signify the beginning of Spring -- or more so the end of Winter? Add a little catharsis to your swing!

You can see the full details here, but keep it fun. Only play with people that want to play. Costumes are encouraged.

It is "International Pillow Fight Day", so grab that pillow and incite the nearest loved one into a round of soft pugilism.

(Thanks, Julia!)


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