Saturday, June 11, 2011

SUN 6/12: Boats, Art, Fest, Music, Dr Who

Despite the $20, I encourage people to go to the Charlie Chesterman Benefit Show at TT the Bear's Place. It starts at 12:30pm, and there will be about 5 hours of music. After making great music for years since Scruffy The Cat, one doesn't just get bills paid after getting cancer.


SUN 6/12

9am to 5pm
Annual Dragon Boat Festival
along Charles River, Memorial Dr, Cambridge

People make traditions out of the strangest things, like boat races for the drowning of an ancient poet. Boat races are enjoyable to a point, but isn't more interesting with more colorful boats? Unfortunately the name of the event evokes more elaborate decor than you'll actually see.

There will be a festival on Sunday with performances and food on the Cambridge side of the river.

SUN 6/12

Noon to 6pm
3rd Annual Chelsea Art Walk
around Chelsea [PDF map]

Some of my few Chelsea experiences are watching "Cyrano" in a park and talking to an artist who claiming how vibrant the art scene is in Chelsea yet no one ventures over there.

There are several buses and a commuter rail station (maybe the #111 from Haymarket?). When you get over there, the viewing has been concentrated in 11 locations instead of getting lost at individual studios. It's a walkable distance, but shuttle buses are also available throughout the weekend.

The historic Bellingham-Cary House may not be worth a trip by itself however it's open for tours as part of the art walk.

SUN 6/12

Noon to 5:30pm
Green Roots Festival
at Southwest Corridor Park, about 100 Boylston St, Jamaica Plain (outside Stony Brook T)

Feat: Marcus Santos w/ Bloco AfroBrazil, Paa Seck Diery Band.

Sending bicycles to places around the world to support economic development is one of the main things that BNB does -- besides running a bike shop in JP. It's not just a zero-emission, heart-friendly mode of transportation -- it's a tool for social justice!

SUN 6/12

2:30pm to 5:30pm
Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School Cabaret: Life Drawing Class
at Great Scott, 1222 Comm Ave, Allston
$8 / 18+

Models: Tess Aquarium & Myss Ripley

At Dr Sketchy's, drawing and drinking are combined at whatever ratio you desire as the usually wild models put provocative twist on traditional posing.

A couple of tips:

Come on time to get a seat up front. Keep it small so others can crowd in around you. Bring your stuff in a milk crate so you have something to sit on or put your stuff on. (we have lots of seats, but more is helpful) There will be some fancy paper for you to buy if you want.
No one is going to criticize your drawing, so don't worry about your skills. You gotta start some time, and you're not going to find a cheaper life-drawing class... with a bar... and no teacher... You might even win a prize. Bring anything to draw with and have a good time.

Based on the photos of Tess & Ripley, you should bring the big box of crayons 'cause there could be some colorful outfits.

SUN 6/12

Joanie Pimentel Band
at Toad, 1912 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Porter Sq)

A friend of mine went to school with Joanie, so I saw Superhoney a few times. They were a high-energy funky soul-rock band, and she sang the hell out of every song. I suspect this is a jazzier/earthy sort of thing, but I expect everyone in the room will be impressed or at least enjoy it.

SUN 6/12

"Hooked On Who": "The Eleventh Hour" & "The Doctor’s Wife"
at Brattle Theatre, 40 Brattle St, Cambridge (Harvard Sq)
$7 minimum donation

If you ever watched the older "Doctor Who" episodes, the theater experience helps you realize that it's a corny sci-fi serial for kids -- except there's enough wit and panache for adult-sized kids to enjoy.

Both of tonight's episodes are from the current series. Matt Smith's first episode as the Doctor, and the one from this season written by Neil Gaiman. (Oh, my. Quite a few questions answered about it on his site.)

I suppose the attraction would be the high-definition picture on a big screen -- and maybe Neil will show up. I follow his wife on Twitter, and it seems she's in town.

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