Sunday, January 22, 2012

SUN 1/22: Talk, Music, Film

I guess some people may not want to watch the game.

Hopefully, I'll constructively blog as the Pats beat the dirty birds.


SUN 1/22

3pm to 4:30pm
"Where Does Democracy Come From?" Popular Uprising & Parliamentary Elections in Egypt
at First Parish Church, 3 Church St, Cambridge (Harvard Sq)

If someone knows how to explain the recent Egyptian elections to Americans, it's probably a Stanford Middle East history professor who has lived in the country off-and-on over the last 40 years.

That guy is Joel Beinin, and he'll discuss the results and their impact on the Arab Spring movement.

SUN 1/22

"Hot Songs for a Cold Winter's Day"
at Arts at the Armory Performance Hall, 191 Highland Ave, Somerville (Spring Hill)

Feat: Dennis Brennan, Gabrielle Agachiko, Catharine David, Gail Leondar-Wright, Pamela Enders, Debbie Lane, Ruthie Ristich, Rich White, Marva Wooden, Julie Dougherty, Marilyn Dale

There's not much info about this gig in general, but I did notice many of the performers also appeared here for a "Torch Night" last year as part of the Somerville Jazz & Blues Fest.

One could expect most of the jazz/cabaret/folk singers backed the amazing Dennis Brennan on guitar and keyboardist Bill Duffy.

SUN 1/22

4pm to 7pm
"Who Took the Bomp? Le Tigre on Tour": Screening
at Washington Street Arts Center, 321 Washington St, Somerville (Union Sq)
Donations Appreciated

In a couple weeks (2/3 to 2/5), Lady Fest Boston will present bunch of bands over several night at the Cambridge YMCA.

My initial impression is that these preliminary events were fundraisers, but it looks like you might just be encouraged to participate in the art auction at Washington street to offset festival costs.

It's a grrrl-power afternoon with a documentary about Kathleen Hanna's current band Le Tigre.

Hey, there will be free popcorn...

SUN 1/22

"Hooked On Who": "The Impossible Astronaut" & "Day Of The Moon"
at Brattle Theatre, 40 Brattle St, Cambridge (Harvard Sq)
$7 suggested donation

As an old-school Doctor Who fan, I enjoyed when my "Hooked on Who" experience from a couple years ago when I caught a Tom Baker a 4-part story arc. The script was by Douglas Adams, so there were more laugh lines than usual; people were guffawing and yelling stuff.

It might be cool to watch the first 2 episodes of the most recent season tonight with its sweeping shots of Utah and the scariest bad guys in a long time.

SUN 1/22

He's My Brother She's My Sister (10:30pm), Henry Wolfe (9:30pm)
at TT the Bear's Place, 10 Brookline St, Cambridge (Central Sq)

Led by a pair of siblings, HMBSMS nail a sunny-LA, good-time indie-folk. They're probably the best band with a tap-dancer that I've heard for a long while. I wouldn't be surprised if people felt like dancing themselves.

Opener Henry Wolfe should appeal to fans of Freedy Johnston. His recordings also have a nice variety in stylistic touches.

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