Friday, May 25, 2012

5/25 to 5/28: Campfire Festival

It's a blurry image, but you get the idea...

There is cheapness through Monday on the calendar, and I have made my "Top 12 of the Weekend" list.


FRI 5/25 (thru MON 5/28)

Various Times
"Campfire Festival"
at Club Passim, 47 Palmer St, Cambridge (Harvard Sq)
$10 per day / $30 Weekend Pass

Friday -- 6pm
Other Days -- Noon to Midnight
For the majority of the next 4 days Passim is hosting about 100 musical folk, bluegrass, blues, and rock acts. One doesn't even have to spend 11 hours to get your money's worth.

Passim's Campfire festivals usually happen at the beginning and end of the summer season. Performers will sing some songs solo as well as join together for impromptu collaborations -- just like a... campfire sing-along!

I'm not sure if anyone can handle sitting there all 4 days, but there is wall-to-wall folk, bluegrass, blues, and rock. These people are much better than the usual crowd that trade songs around a fire pit.

The whole schedule is listed below (and I tried to fix as many bad links, including MySpace and Facebook links when practical). I'd suggest picking a section and enjoy a few hours of music like: Friday (8:15pm to close), Saturday (3:45pm to 9:30pm), Sunday (6:30pm to close), or Monday (6:45pm to close) -- or any time really.

There may be less s'mores but also fewer mosquitoes (and they serve beer and wine now)...

6pm -- Melody Kills
6:45pm -- Meghan Yates
7:30pm -- Three Tall Pines
8:15pm -- Amy Correia, Nathan Reich, Matt Borrello, Nick Young
9:45pm -- The Suitcase Junket
10:30pm -- Rusty Belle
11:15pm -- OldJack
Noon -- Blues Ensemble
12:45pm -- Jug Band Ensemble
1:30pm -- Eric Leva
2:15pm -- Megan Lui, Francesca Blanchard, Bailey Cooke, Kat Quinn
3:45pm -- Summer of Aden
4:30pm -- Kellen Zakula
5:15pm -- Clayton Mathews
6pm -- Forrest O'Connor
6:45pm -- Jenna Lindbo, Jen Starsinic, Adrianne Lenker, Kwesi Kankam
8:15pm -- Jarrod Dickenson, Ryan Flaherty, Ryan Fitzsimmons
9:30pm -- Jake Hill, Melvern Taylor, Dietrich Strause, Connor Garvey
11pm -- The Bengsons
12:45pm -- Beth DeSombre, Rick Drost, Rick Gottlieb, Ryan Alvanos
2:15pm -- Bewilderbeast
3pm -- Oen Kennedy, Tom Smith, Kim Jennings, Levi Schmidt, Dan Cloutier
5pm -- April Bender
5:45pm -- The Pretty Darns
6:30pm -- Hannah & Maggie
7:15pm -- Hannah Sanders & Liz Simmons
8pm -- Ariel Rubin, Rhianna Larocque, Kerri Lowe
9:15pm -- The Greg Hawkes Ukulele Trio
10pm -- Dave Champagne, Lloyd Thayer, Patrick Coman, Brian Webb
Noon -- Honky Tonk Ensemble
12:45pm -- Mountain Music Ensemble
1:30pm -- Andrea Belanger, Christa Gniadek, Carrie Ferguson, Kayln Rock
3pm -- Flynn Cohen's DeadString Ensemble
3:45pm -- Jake Armerding
4:30pm -- We Avalanche
5:15pm -- The Whiskey Boys
6pm -- Hannah Read Band
6:45pm -- Audrey Ryan, Alec Spiegelman, Jeremy Lyons, Jeff Conley
8:15pm -- Mike Block
9pm -- The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library
9:45pm -- Hanneke Cassel, Rose Polenzani, Caitlin Canty
11pm -- The Grownup Noise

Have a folky good weekend!

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