Tuesday, May 22, 2012

WED 5/23: Another Free Slurpee Day

Cheapness through Saturday is on the CTB calendar.


WED 5/23

11am to 7pm
"SlurpFree" Day
at participating 7-Eleven stores

They usually wait until the calendar matches their name (7-11), but 7-Eleven wants to let you know about their new reduced-calorie slurpees.

Sugar-free mango is being unveiled this month and will be followed by sugar-free strawberry banana in July and sugar-free cherry limeade in August.

So walk into any 7-Eleven and grab a 7.11 oz cup (while supplies last) and try the new flavor or one of the full-strength sugar brain-freeze bombs. (Don't forget to greet and thank the cashier.)

What makes it sweet without sugar -- who knows? A large conglomerate wouldn't put something else equally unhealthy in there? Of course not!!!

On the other hand, life is short. A tiny slurp isn't the worst thing you can do..

It might even enhance your attitude on a cloudy day.

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