Wednesday, May 02, 2012

5/3: RSVP for Party & Free Drinks at Jillian's

FYI: Wednesday and Thursday cheapness is on the calendar.

If you saw the Bacon & Beer Art Show mentioned last month, there are still tickets available for 6:30pm tonight.


THUR 5/3

7pm to 9pm
Thrillist's Ultimate Pre-Game Party
at Jillian's Polo & VIP Room, 145 Ipswich St, Boston (Kenmore Sq)

I was hesitating about mentioning this thing mainly because the free drinks are based on the new Mike's On The Rocks 'long island iced tea' and 'hurricane' drinks. If I'm not a fan of the 'hard lemonade', I doubt these will be better.

However you can make your own choice. Maybe you're more interested in playing pool or ping-pong -- or an Xbox 360 competition.

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