Tuesday, July 03, 2012

7/3 & 7/4: Fireworks, The Pops

It's a milestone year for Boston due the bicentennial of the War of 1812, since the USS Constitution became known as "Old Ironsides" 200 years ago this month. (So you can remind people about that when you're at a cookout.)

Besides this stuff, there is other cheap fun today. (Stay tuned.)


TUES 7/3 & WED 7/4

Various Times
Independence Day Fireworks, Etc
at Boston and Various Locations

Of course, showering the Boston sky above the Charles River is the big kahuna on 7/4 with the Dropkick Murphys and Jennifer Hudson joining the Boston Pops.

Last week, I mentioned the Commonwealth PDF list along with some towns relatively near Boston.

When I checked the specific locations, I noticed that some of dates didn't match the MA list. Whoops! I believe this information is more accurate:

TUES 7/3

Andover, North Andover, Lincoln PDF, Fitchburg, Foxborough, Stoughton, Gloucester, Haverhill, Needham, Nahant, Newton, Waltham, Weymouth, Winthrop
WED 7/4
Beverly, Marblehead, Salem, Wakefield (at least 3 of these 4 can be seen from the Salem-Beverly bridge), Lowell, Brockton (multiple days)
If you are interested in other locales, I'd suggest the WBZ list then confirm it anyway.

The Globe has their Independence Day section that also has an option where to find fireworks.

TUES 7/3 & WED 7/4

8:20pm to 10pm
Boston Pops Pre-Concert
at Hatch Shell, Charles River Esplanade, Storrow Dr, Boston
8pm to 11pm
Boston Pops Independence Day Concert & Fireworks
at Hatch Shell, Charles River Esplanade, Storrow Dr, Boston
From my experience, tonight's rehearsal concert is reasonably crowded (see some photos below). Although there are no fireworks, the Dropkick Murphys and Jennifer Hudson will still perform like it's the Fourth.

The prime seating in the "Oval" will open at 6pm tonight (and 9am on Wednesday). Even though you can't see the fireworks when you're seated so close to the stage, people will race like maniacs on the morning of 7/4. Read the FAQ's to prepare yourself.

The space along the Esplanade will fill up slightly less quickly, and there should be more day picnic space on the Memorial Drive side of the Charles.

Since you have the opportunity you should stand there at least once in your life and see one of the best annual pyrotechnic shows in person at least once in your life. No matter how big the TV is, it cannot do justice to the real thing.

The later you go, the more crowded it will be. The first time I went, the Longfellow Bridge was open to spectators and 7pm was a really long time to wait. The last time I went, we strolled to the Mass Ave Bridge area about 10pm and still found a good view.

The music? At least the Dropkick Murphys are going to play at some point.

The scene from July 3, 2009:

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