Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Goldstar Pick o' the Week -- A Sci-Fi Gangster Fairy Tale

(Original photo from Wikipedia)

The Goldstar people approached me to spread the word about their website, so I decided to share one of their deals now and then. I had already used their service, so I know it works.

They offer various 50% (or more) discounts to a variety of events like theater, comedy, music, etc.

Yes, you have to register. And they send emails on a regular basis -- but you can read/delete them as you like. I suggest reading them more often than not, because some early-bird discounts provide almost free admission.


THUR 8/9 (thru SAT 8/18)

Various Times
"The Third Story"
at Arsenal Center for the Arts, Black Box Theatre, 321 Arsenal St, Watertown
$7 or $19 Goldstar price (vs $25.50)

I can't tell you how funny this is. Seriously, I can't tell you.

When I saw a photo of a not-quite-handsome man in drag, my gut senses that it may be a gutbuster. Set in the '40s, "The Third Story" takes a wild ride through Hollywood, the Midwest, romance, witchcraft, gangsters, and cloning.

Playwright Charles Busch has written many comedies (e.g. "Psycho Beach Party", "Die, Mommy, Die!", "The Tale of the Allergist's Wife"), and this play has received many positive reviews since it debuted in 2008.

No offense to the fine performers, but I'm more likely to take a chance for $7 instead of $25. Act soon for the lowest price tickets available on THUR 8/9 and SUN 8/12.

Note: "This show is not suitable for children. The performance includes the use of strobe lighting and simulated gunfire."


At Club Oberon on Fridays, you can catch the boozy sketch comedy show "Bye Bye Liver: The Boston Drinking Play". There are $10 (plus $3.50 service fee) tickets which is better than the $20 full price.

Want to see Rufus Wainwright & Ingrid Michaelson on SUN 7/29? You could save $15...


Anonymous said...

I like goldstar but they're funky in that their service fee doubles for cheaper tickets. It's not like they need to do extra work for the free ticket vs. the $15 one!

rob v said...

Totally agree about the "free" tickets. As a marketing ploy, I think it's lame.

I just look at the final price 'with fees'.