Tuesday, July 17, 2012

TUES 7/17: Exercise, Games, Science, Music

It's going to be hot today! Last year around this time, I posted some ideas to stay cool cheaply. It's nothing groundbreaking, and I'm open to other ideas.

Are thinking about going out for dinner tonight? Eating pizza at Flatbread Company in Davis Square after 5pm will help local writing center Grub Street.


TUES 7/17

5:30pm to 6:30pm
Fort Point Fitness Sunset Boot Camp
at Children's Wharf Park, 300 Congress St, Boston (near Children's Museum)

When I last checked, there was still room to register for an outdoor "mix of cardio, weight training, and strengthening suitable for all fitness levels."

"All participants must fill-out a medical waiver (provided at the beginning of the workout)." It's going to be hot out there, so don't push yourself.

Fort Point wants to keep you active this summer for free: Channel Fitness is offering this and other Boot Camp/Pilates/Yoga on upcoming Tuesdays. Other upcoming activities include rowing and running.

TUES 7/17

"Game Over": A Night by Gamers for Gamers
at Good Life, 28 Kingston St, Boston (Downtown Crossing)
FREE / 18+

Playing games is a great social interaction to share with friends, enemies, and strangers alike. It makes sense that one can find public game nights like "Game Over" to drink and play however you like it. Instead of a basement, it's downstairs at a bar.

There will be a variety of games on hand (board/table games, Nintendo 64, Magic: The Gathering, etc) -- and feel free to bring any specific game you'd like to play.

The fun takes place on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month. It's a new enterprise, so consider going sooner than later to show your support.

TUES 7/17

7pm to 9pm
Cafe Sci: "Special Cosmic Cafe"
at Middlesex Lounge, 315 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Central Sq)

Feat: Daniel Castro, Paul Gueye

"NOVA" is such a popular science program, because they have developed a way to present complex ideas in a package that's easy to understand. The "Cafe Sci" program is another way to increase the public's knowledge (that started years ago).

The show began a four-parter "Fabric of the Cosmos" last week. It's based on a book by a physicist intended for the lay person -- and might be required viewing for anyone who thought they knew how space, time, and the universe worked based on high school science.

A video clip is usually shown, then the guest is there mainly to answer questions and discuss it in a 'jargon-free' environment. Two well-regarded physicists will attend to discuss everything in the universe for a couple hours.

TUES 7/17

This Way, Coyote Kolb, Union Street Preservation Society, Mount Peru
at Radio, 379 Somerville Ave, Somerville (Union Sq)
$8 / 21+

If you wanted to slap a label on it, this is a pretty sweet 'Americana night'. It seems the out-of-town bands This Way (Maine) and Union Street Preservation Society (Brooklyn) have a more acoustic, alt-country vibe. Mount Peru occasionally slips into a rough powerpop mode.

It was nice to see that Coyote Kolb liked something I wrote about them and put it on their site:

There's a deep-country vibe to Coyote Kolb's sound, but they also rock fuzzed-out dirges like Neil Young has excelled at over the years.
The recently released album rolls on the bluesy side, however I wouldn't be surprised if things get loud and fuzzy in person.

TUES 7/17

Emperor X, Stephen Steinbrink & French Quarter, Yale MA
at Great Scott, 1222 Comm Ave, Allston
$7 / 21+

When you're globe-trotting lo-fi-pop/singer-songwriter types like Emperor X (CA) and Stephen Steinbrink (AZ), you play all sorts of gigs with different support acts. Other than a distinct difference in volume, Yale MA is a good fit that stuffs a bunch of catchy hooks in their punky bashing.

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