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SAT 7/21: Day Cheapness

It's a beautiful day to do anything, and there's no need to spend anything.

Have you heard of the New England Food Truck Festival? It's making stops in Brighton (7/28), Falmouth (8/25), Lowell (9/8), and Hingham (9/29).

The Globe has a drawing to win $80 in food tickets, which should be enough for 2 people. As I read it, you have until 9am on WED 7/25 to enter for the Artesani Park event.


SAT 7/21

11am to 6pm
Allston DIY Fest
at Ringer Park, about 100 Allston St, Allston

When was the last time you had some good old-fashioned, anarcho-communist, anti-authoritarian, sober, all-ages fun?

A whole semester of gender studies couldn't have had this many bands, and no camping accessories are required like the Occupy movement.

The whole park experience is to celebrate "DIY culture, freedom of individual expression, community building and alternative education, promoting a gift economy in place of money and oppressive consumerism."

So don't expect to see a sausage cart or anything like it. There should be a record swap, a book swap, and workshops including: “Hula Hooping 101” (11am), “Homebrewing Kombucha” (1:15pm), and “Learn to Crochet & Make 'Yarn' from Plastic Bags” (3:15pm).

Electric Bands:

Noon -- Onslo
12:15pm -- Cultured
12:30pm -- Holiday Mountain
12:45pm -- Zip Tie Handcuffs
1pm -- CreaturoS
1:20pm -- Stay On Top
1:40pm -- Ancient Filth
2pm -- 92 Protons
2:20pm -- Kal Marks
2:40pm -- Dirty Virgins
3pm -- Fort! The Band
3:20pm -- ABADABAD
3:40pm -- Scamps
4pm -- Pile
Acoustic Bands:
11am -- Spider Cider
11:30am -- Jack Haley
Noon -- Allison Francis
12:30pm -- Treehorn
1:00pm -- The Phobia
1:30pm -- Sonny Jim
2pm -- Anthony Savino
2:30pm -- Lily Richeson
3pm -- Streight Angular
3:30pm -- Catalion
4pm -- Mark Bodio
4:30pm -- Jake and the Infernal Machine
5pm -- Mornin’ Old Sport
I've listened to some of these groups, and I would try going early or late -- or anytime or all day. The electric bands are probably using bicycle-powered generators; you might even get a chance to give aspen and help out.

SAT 7/21

11am to 6pm
ArtBeat Festival 2012: "Migration"
all around Davis Square, Somerville
$3 donation suggested

As much as you may like Davis Square, it gets a little bit cooler as it overflows with music, art, dance, food, crafts, etc. It may be more commercial than the Allston DIY Fest, but there's plenty of things to do without spending a penny.

You're not even forced to donate but you'll definitely get $3 worth of fun (and a dogtag -- or something -- to show you chipped in). The money funds events like ArtBeat.

Whether or not the performances represent the theme of "Migration", there should be enough art and activities to represent.

Seven Hills Stage:
Noon -- Mariachi Estampa de America
1pm -- Jenee Halstead
2pm -- Roy Sludge Trio
3pm -- Cruzamente
4pm -- Bent Shapes
5pm -- Jorge Arce & Raíz de Plena
Elm Street Stage:
11:30am -- Steppers Heaven
12:30pm -- Patrick Coman & the Lo-Fi Angels
1:30pm -- Michael Murray & Tsoysli
2:30pm -- Butterknife
3:30pm -- Samba Viva
4:30pm -- 27
Starbucks Plaza:
1:15pm -- Len Solomon
2:15pm -- Jef Czekaj & Jarrett J. Krosoczka
3:15pm -- Patrick Coman & The Lo-Fi Angels
4:15pm -- Lizard Lounge Poetry Slam Team
Somerville Theater:
Noon -- Weber Dance
1pm -- Renée Amirault, Sarah Mae Gibbons Dance, Kate Nies Brigham, Sara Miller Duet, EgoArt Inc, Maggie Husak
2:30pm -- Contrapose Dance
3pm -- Kairos Dance Theater
Davis Square Theater:
1pm -- "The Carrot Salesman"
2pm -- "The Three Pigs and Other Tales"
3pm -- "Around the World in Four Months: One Man's International Search for Love"
4pm -- Kevin Brooks & Lani Peterson
Walk around and sample the tunes ( a good chance to appreciate the awesomeness of Bent Shapes). If it's too hot, check out dance or theatre/storytelling at one of the indoor venues.

SAT 7/21 (and SUN 7/22)

Various Times
"Hooked On Who"
at Brattle Theatre, 40 Brattle St, Cambridge (Harvard Sq)
$7 Suggested Donation

1:30pm, 9:30pm -- "Destiny of the Daleks"
1:30pm -- "Carnival of Monsters"

9:30pm -- Torchwood: "Everything Changes" & "They Keep Killing Suzie"
The improbable popularity of Doctor Who is greater than my childhood watching the curly-haired 4th Doctor on PBS when I thought I was the only kid watching.

Today's 4-episode arc is a classic from that era with the (now) hilariously evil Daleks. Tomorrow goes back and forth in time with a story featuring the Third Doctor in the afternoon; take a romp through contemporary Wales where things get weird in the spinoff show "Torchwood".

SAT 7/21 (and SUN 7/22)

Various Times
Festival Betances
around Plaza Betances, 100 West Dedham St, Boston (South End)
Saturday -- 2:30pm to 9pm
Sunday -- 1pm to 8pm
What started as a Puerto Rican festival has transformed into something generally Latin American, which is cool.

The music throughout both days consist reggaeton, salsa, hip-hop, etc. I recommend going tomorrow at 1pm to see the greased pole competition. The food selection is pretty darn excelente at whatever time you go

SAT 7/21 (thru SAT 7/28)

"Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead"
at Mary O'Malley Park, Commandant’s Way, Chelsea Waterfront

Alternating Bilingual Nights:
English: Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday
Spanish: Friday, Sunday
The movie was rather funny in an absurd way, so I can imagine the source play should be even better.

The titular characters were two minor players i Shakespeare's "Hamlet" who do play an important part in serving the overall plot despite their short appearances. The premise of this play is "What were Rosencrantz and Guildenstern doing?"

There are still 7 performances: 4 in English and 3 en Espanol.

The #111 bus may be your best bet for an adventure in free theatre on the other side of the Tobin. (They recommend bringing lawn chairs or blankets -- I sat on the grass.)

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