Thursday, August 23, 2012

8/23: Free Burger & Shake at City Hall Plaza, ICYMI

At least Thursday cheapness should be on the calendar with a full post forthcoming.


THUR 8/23

11am to 4pm
"Ultimate Baconator Challenge"
at City Hall Plaza, Boston (Govt Center)

Wow, I think I scooped the whole town on this one! (WCVB posted it hours after I mentioned it yesterday morning.)

I should have spread the word days ago, but my initial and subsequent searches for a relevant webpage were fruitless.

Through my correspondence with the PR lady, I'm confident this is really happening. If it doesn't, the citizens of Boston should protest Wendy's until they give all of us some free food. Yes, I plan to check this out with my own eyes.

Do you know why bacon has been a virtually omnipresent ingredient over the past few years? Because it smells and tastes great!

Yes, fast food is bad for you. Nine out of ten things you enjoy are bad for you, so abuse in moderation and get over it.

Maybe the 'bacon-themed challenges' will get the cholesterol deposits pumping through your system like your blood used to...

I'll share some of the release with you:

Wendy’s Baconator is putting his offspring, Son of Baconator, to the test to see if he can earn his “strips” by touring America to find a league of Baconator Approved fans through the Ultimate Baconator Challenge.

The mobile will make its way across the nation, stopping in 20 towns big and small [...] to put consumers to the test with bacon-themed challenges and give away more than 30,000 free Sons of Baconator.

At every stop along the tour, bacon aficionados can take the Ultimate Baconator Challenge, enjoy a free Son of Baconator with a Wendy’s Frosty, and receive gift cards, bacon-themed T-shirts and merchandise (while supplies last).
I haven't had a Son of Baconator yet, but it should be tasty.

To paraphrase my brother, "Two's company, free's a crowd." So get there early.

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