Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Goldstar Pick o' the Week -- Romeo & Juliet

(Original photo from Wikipedia)

The Goldstar people approached me to spread the word about their website, so I decided to share one of their deals now and then. I had already used their service, so I know it works.

They offer various 50% (or more) discounts to a variety of events like theater, comedy, music, etc.

Yes, you have to register. And they send emails on a regular basis -- but you can read/delete them as you like. I suggest reading them more often than not, because some early-bird discounts provide almost free admission.

Yes, they're "free" tickets have service charges so it's not really free -- but I have and will try to represent the true costs.

I screwed up and meant to post this earlier in the day. My bad.


FRI 8/10 (thru SAT 8/25)

Various Times
"Romeo and Juliet"
at Plaza Theatre, Boston Center for Arts, 539 Tremont Street, Boston (South End)
$4 or $7 to $16 Goldstar price (vs $24)

A few years ago I saw a performance of "Romeo and Juliet" where the characters spoke the Bard's original words yet they were modern clothes as if they were people like you or I. The play made more sense than any other time I've seen it live or on screen.

Based on the promotional photo, it could be the same kind of situation with a better cast and director.

Unfortunately, the cheapest tickets are only available today. (You could've seen it early if you were already on their mailing list.

Goldstar tickets to the preview on FRI 8/10 (8pm) are $4 or $9 versus the full price of $12.

When the full price is $24, they are offering $7 tickets today only -- then $16 to the following dates:

SAT 8/11 -- 8pm
THUR 8/16 -- 7:30pm
FRI 8/17 -- 8pm
SAT 8/18 -- 8pm
THUR 8/23 -- 7:30pm
FRI 8/24 -- 8pm
SAT 8/25 -- 8pm
It's not free Shakespeare in the Common and we all know the ending, yet we're still open to seeing new versions...

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