Monday, August 27, 2012

Advance Notice: Discount Tix for October's Wrathskellar

A few of my pix from last year.


FRI 10/5 (thru SUN 10/28)

"The Wrathskellar"
at Davis Square Theater, 255 Elm St, Somerville (Davis Sq)
$11.25 or $16.50 Goldstar price / $25 door or $27 advance

At last year's Wrathskellar, an empty storefront was transformed into a pseudo-Brechtian tavern setting for a well-paced, funny, and sexy theater experience. Now they're settling into the theater below the Burren where adult beverages will be available.

Far from being a cheesy attempt to scare folks around Halloween, it's just a darker than average burlesque during the season with morbid humor.

While the program changes slightly from year to year, pay attention from the beginning and you might pick up clues for the narrative that emerges throughout the show.

While it's slightly above the usual 'cheap thrill', consider it the "Goldstar Pick o' the Week". You have to sign up, but it's not more offensive than any other emails. (See a recent preamble for my usual Goldstar disclaimer.)

They have discounted tickets for:

FRI 10/5, SAT 10/6, SUN 10/7,
THUR 10/11, FRI 10/12, SAT 10/13, SUN 10/14,
THUR 10/18, FRI 10/19, SUN 10/21,
and THUR 10/25.
I meant to post this earlier, but the cheapest offers are available for:
SUN 10/7, THUR 10/11, SUN 10/14, and SUN 10/21 -- if you act quickly.

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