Thursday, September 11, 2008

THUR 9/11: Words (Fiction & Non-), Wild Video, Good Music

Boston to Austin Tour, Carlon & Otis Grove & Others
So I was on "Chronicle" for about 1.5 seconds last night with my friends at Bostonist, but I don't feel like a star. Seeing the back of my head actually might have encouraged me to wear a hat more often... Most of the other Boston bloggers did alright, but I think Food Monkey did a great job. I liked his spotlight on meal deals around town...


THUR 9/11

"Returnees" (6pm), "The Sinker" (8:30pm): Staged Readings
at Boston Playwrights Theatre, 949 Comm Ave, Boston (BU campus)

I could be wrong, but I'm guessing the words of these plays are far more important than the sets and props. Hey, it's free...

"Returnees" by Barry Brodsky (6pm to 8pm):

...a play in which racial tensions undermine the investigation of graft and corruption in a small Washington DC military office in 1968
"The Sinker" by Jami Brandli (8:30pm to 10pm):
Three snowbound liars. One tiny gun. [unknown number] survive.
THUR 9/11

6:30pm to 8pm
Jimmy Wales, "Free Speech, Free Minds, Free Markets": Discussion
at C. Walsh Theater, Suffolk University, 55 Temple St, Boston (Beacon Hill)

Ford Hall Forum has another impressive roster of speakers for their Fall season, and the first forum doesn't disappoint. Journalist (and Dreden Dolls song) Christopher Lydon will moderate the evening with the founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales. People are joining together and sharing information for little reward besides satisfaction and dorkdom prestige... This could be fascinating; definitely better than a TV interview. Old media (live conversation) trumps adolescent media (Radio, TV) when covering new media.

THUR 9/11

7pm to 9pm
"Experimentally Ill 2" : Alternative Film Showcase
at Video Screening Room, Coolidge Corner Theatre, 290 Harvard St, Brookline

There's a lot wild and weird shit going on out there. People have more access to video equipment than ever, and they're making all sorts of cool, funny, weird films. Mike Phelan O'Toole and Quincy Brisco are hosting a second free night of experimental video that includes several pieces featuring the hosts, a couple from artist D.L. Polonsky, shorts from comedy group The Peanut Butter Solutionists, "It's Jerry Time!" animations, friggin' cool experimentalism from the MindPie collective, Jesse Kreitzer's documentary on Boston's #1 celebrity autograph hound, music videos of DJ Benny Appell's "The Price Is Wrong" and midatlantic's (fka The Bleedin Bleedins) "Shine", humorously rockin' sock (and other) puppetry from Uncle Monsterface, some horror shorts and other strange stuff from Dom Portalla, James Bernardinelli, and others.

I've watched some of this stuff. Most aren't very polished, but there is good effort. I'm also glad that some of these people are putting their time and effort into something creative and non-violent...

I'm sure there will be Q's afterwards, and many of the filmmakers will be there to provide some interesting A's.

THUR 9/11

Otis Grove, Carlon, New Madrid Faults
at Lizard Lounge/Cambridge Common, 1667 Mass Ave, Cambridge (between Harvard Sq & Porter Sq)
$5 / 21+

I like how "Boston" and "Austin" rhyme. After Boston, Austin is way up on the list of my favorite cities. Carlon and Otis Grove have cleverly named their tour after the first and last stops...

I know I'm usually an unqualified home band supporter, but... As much as I like organ trios, the other bands impress me more than Otis Grove. This isn't boring organ music -- it's jazzy with dollops of funk and hip-hop (although Soulive leans more towards hip-hop than OG). Carlon is making inarguably awesome music that you can tell all your 'cool friends' about. Someone said "Radiohead meets The Band"; fans of My Morning Jacket, Calexico, etc. should love this. New Madrid Faults sound damn good too; they ooze with musicianship, and these guys rock it out!

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