Tuesday, September 09, 2008

TUES 9/9: Physics, New Art, Acoustic Songs, Beer 'n Bowl

Large Hadron Collider
Will the world end tomorrow? Probably not, but you might want to have some fun tonight. Sure... They're going to start a test underneath Europe to simulate conditions at the Big Bang -- but it's not going to be the Big Bang. Hey -- even if it does create something like a micro-black hole -- most of us will be asleep at 3:30am EST...

On the plus side: If we all die, no one will find your porn collection or your vibrator or whatever. (Or all of them, you perv!)

Seriously, relax. Here's some cheap fun. I will likely post stuff for tomorrow and Thursday later...


TUES 9/9

Frank Wilczek, "The Lightness of Being: Mass, Ether, and the Unification of Forces": Reading
at Harvard Book Store, 1256 Mass Ave, Cambridge

Most reviews say this is a relatively readable explanation about our current understanding of the universe. Funnily, Nobel Prize-winner Dr. Wilczek (MIT) has been involved with the LHC in Switzerland and has gotten death threats. Ridiculous, but true! I imagine he'll also say a few words about the beginning of the experiments tomorrow; living so close to great minds is one of Boston's everyday gifts.

TUES 9/9

"What is New Media?": Discussion
at AXIOM gallery, Green Street T, ground floor level, about 150 Green St, Jamaica Plain

I should go to this, because I'm not really sure what people mean by "new media". Is there something newer than I'm aware of? The new New Media??? Here's what I read:

An open panel discussion constructed with the JP community in mind, featuring local professionals and artists from the field of new media. This talk is intended to help de-mystify the genre by furthering understanding and access.

The panel discussion will be followed by an open question and answer session.
Panelists include: George Fifield (Director, Boston Cyberarts), Dana Moser (Director, MassArt SIM Program), Helen Thorington (Founder, Turbulence), Halsey Burgund (New Media Artist)

I've met Halsey a couple times, so this should be a stimulating exchange of ideas -- and a good "pre-beer bowl" event...

TUES 9/9

Steve Brodsky (8pm), Dave Alpert (10pm)
at Toad, 1912 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Porter Sq)

Here are two quality singer-songwriters that tickle different parts of my brain. Steve Brodsky first came to my attention as part of the metallic Cave-In, he prolifically creates music all over the map. The current batch would sound great as full-blown stoner-rock, but it's probably acoustic tonight. Dave Alpert (who's in a Tuesday-night residency) simply writes organically wonderful pop-rock songs, which isn't easy to do. His straight-forward singing is a good complement as well. Late or early, it's a good night for listening.

TUES 9/9

Beer & Bowl w/ Harpoon Brewery
at Milky Way Lounge, 403 Centre St, Jamaica Plain
FREE / 21+

I guess I have a soft spot for anything cool that's happening at the Milky Way due to the inevitable change when it moves next year, but this is another one of those nights when you can have so much fun without much money leaving your pocket.

This seems to be the first in a series of "beer bowls" where the bowling is free and a specific brewery offers 'samplings'. It starts off with a presentation about the beers, then (around 9:30pm) bowling is free -- as if it were Monday. I might just go to try the new Imperial IPA (10% ABV -- Strong!), but it sounds like you can enjoy some complimentary quaffs of the Harpoon already on tap (UFO, IPA, Munich Dark) as well as their Hard Cider and others.

The second Tueesday of the month is also "Galaxy", a soul/funk/R&B night with DJs from WMBR's Lost and Found program.

Another reason to become a Friend of Harpoon? Show your card tonight, and you will get free shoe rentals too.

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