Monday, September 15, 2008

Why Subscribe?

why not subscribe?
I've had more people subscribe lately, so I just wanted to clarify what you actually get.

I started by sending out a weekly email. A bunch of savvy people told me to do it as a blog, but I resisted until I heard some guy in NYC made $1k on his cheap lunch blog.

I still do the weekly email, because that's what people signed up for -- and they're why I'm doing this. So, in general, I usually:

- Send the weekly list to the email group first
- Am more likely to add candid remarks to the email list
- I try to make the email special by omitting some stuff from the blog
- Try to update the blog daily with something
- Put up the "Sneak Peek" as a precursor to the weekly list
There are advantages to getting the email. I see the blog's advantages too. I am an actual person, so I pledge that I will never -ever- give your email address to anyone -- no matter how much they offer me. That would be wrong.


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The rest is optional, but your name would be nice.

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The email address is in the header above, but it's easy to contact me. Take the blog name without the hyphen, and add [the at symbol]

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