Tuesday, September 16, 2008

TUES 9/16: Amanda Palmer, Salsa, Benefit Rock, Folk, Election Talk

Save the Abbey Lounge Shows
Some of the Abbey Lounge site is working again, but they still need some bodies in the club and drinking this week to stay open. "Benefit shows" take place through Saturday 9/20. The cover is $12, but the drinks should still be cheap... It's one of my favorite clubs, and it'll be a shame if it closes.

It's election day in Boston. The big race is Senate primary of Kerry vs. O'Reilly. It might actually be pretty close due to Kerry-voters' apathy and overconfidence...


TUES 9/16

Amanda Palmer -- Performance & Signing
at Newbury Comics, North Market Bldg, 4 Faneuil Hall Market Pl, Boston (Faneuil Hall)

Amanda of The Dresden Dolls is about to release her first solo album, which was produced by another idiosyncratic vocalist/pianist/songwriter Ben Folds. Hear some of the new songs with an adoring throng.

I wonder if Amanda Palmer is going to take the T today. I saw her on the Red Line in Downtown Crossing one day, but I'm too old to fawn and squeal. (Part of me wanted to, but it would've been weird and uncomfortable...)

TUES 9/16

7pm to 8:30pm
Advanced Beginner Lesson
at Lobby, Bush Bldg, 105 Mass Ave (Rear), Cambridge (MIT campus)

Do you need to get your salsa on?

Advanced beginner dancers should feel very comfortable with the basics of salsa dancing, such as timing, the cross-body lead and inside/outside turns.
The dancing continues after 8:30pm. Tonight it's in "Lobby 13" (followed by social dancing).

TUES 9/16

The Spoilers (11:30pm), The Alrighters (10:30pm), Classic Ruins (9:30pm), Girl On Top (8:30pm)
at Abbey Lounge, 3 Beacon St, Somerville (Inman Sq)

Classic examples of Boston garage and punk with Classic Ruins and The Spoilers. The Alrighters base their sound on the primal R&B of the '50s, and it's injected with punk attitude. Girl On Top have been around for a while and they throw some twists in their rock.

From the Weekly List:

TUES 9/16

"Zack Hickman's House of Ill Repute"
Feat: Mark Erelli, Laura Cortese, The Proclivities
at Lizard Lounge/Cambridge Common, 1667 Mass Ave, Cambridge (between
Harvard Sq & Porter Sq)
$5 / 21+

Shh... This is a really good deal. Tell them you're glad that the cover is low, because we need to perpetuate affordable quality music. Dude, Mark Erelli... Even if he wasSit back and get happily slapped by a folker with fingerpicked guitar. Laura Cortese is super-talented too, and -- damn -- The Proclivities must have another reason to be in Boston, because you don't come from Raleigh for one show. Unless it's Zack Hickman. The more I learn about this dude, the more I like him -- he's played with all the artists and Josh Ritter. There might even be MORE special guests...

TUES 9/16

5:30pm to 7pm
"The Making of a President 2008"
at JFK Presidential Library and Museum, Columbia Point, Boston

Jonathan Alter of Newsweek and Mark Halperin of Time chat about the current Presidential race. These guys are respectable reporters, so one hopes they'll talk about issues beyond a hockey mom from Alaska...

Registration is recommended.

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