Wednesday, September 10, 2008

WED 9/10: Photos, Fashion/Film Talk, Hoedown, Book Party

Girl Howdy, at Beehive Hoedown
Hey, we're alive! As they'll say at The Beehive tonight, "Yee-haw."


WED 9/10

6pm to 8pm
David J. Stokle, "Pictures not Paintings": Opening Reception
at Boston French Library, 53 Marlborough St, Boston (Back Bay)

The images on David J. Stokle's website are striking. This exhibit is a combination of color and B&W photos on paper and canvas to "examine how our conditioned visual perception sometimes allows us to see pictures as paintings." Besides Stokle's work, there will be 2 pictures of Paris from 1881.

I remember having some wonderful wine and cheese at another Alliance Francais event; here's hoping for more of the same...

RSVP recommended and appreciated: 617-912-0400

WED 9/10

6pm to 8pm
"Cinema Couture": A Dialogue on Fashion & Film
at Rabb Lecture Hall, Boston Public Library, 700 Boylston St, Boston (Copley Sq)

Boston Fashion Week and Boston Film Festival start on Friday. While I love cinema, fashion holds little interest for me. (This is clear to anyone who has seen the way I dress.) Some of you might want to listen in on this discussion. I'd like to think they will show some clips to break up two hours of yapping...

WED 9/10

MAP Boston 2008 Party
at The OtherSide Cafe, 407 Newbury St, Boston

It's a weekly planner... It's a guide book... Perhaps the school year has prompted you to become more organized? Well, you're probably not going to do it, but getting a calendar book is a good way to make you feel like it. The beauty of MAP Boston is that it runs from August to the end of next year.

No one can look at my blog all the time (at least I wouldn't recommend it), so there's info on places to go and things to do interspersed through the book. I don't recall the quality of the actual maps, there are some in it...

Enjoy some free food and maybe win a prize, then feel guilted into buying a copy of MAP Boston (retail $14.95). I don't if they'll offer a deal on the price, but I'm confident that more cool people than usual will be hanging out at The Otherside tonight!

WED 9/10

Honky-Tonk Hoedown w/ Preacher Jack (8pm), Girl Howdy (9:30pm)
at The Beehive, 541 Tremont St, Boston (South End)

It's hard for me to imagine The Beehive refashioning itself as a honky-tonk, but curiosity is part of the appeal. Local record company Cow Island Music is assisting with the country conversion, and two of their artists will perform.

The "Good Ol' Beehive" gets the down-home around 5:30pm -- there's a Southern-inspired menu and special bourbon cocktails -- but Preacher Jack swings the party into action at 8pm. If there's anyone who can get this place jumping like a honky-tonk, it's the Preacher who's a gospel-fueled rockabilly time capsule from the '50s. Everyone should see him at least once in their lives! It brings a smile on my face to hear the classic country sound of Girl Howdy. You will want to grab a partner onto the dance floor -- there is no escape from these ladies.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love Boston Fashion Week. I fly over from the Uk every year and would not miss it for the world

Unknown said...

Right on! I hope you have a great time in Boston.

the fashion-challenged blogger,


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