Tuesday, September 23, 2008

TUES 9/23: "Speaker Project": Opening Reception

The Speaker Project, Chicago
6pm to 8pm
Juan Angel Chavez, "The Speaker Project": Opening Reception
Feat: Goli
at Paine Gallery, South Bldg, 2nd Fl, about 611 Huntington Ave, Boston (MassArt)

I almost forgot about this opening, until I saw Bostonist's interview with the artist. Juan Angel Chavez's "Speaker Project" was first installed a couple years ago in Chicago. There are different designs on the various sides for different interactions with the piece, and it looks pretty exciting even without hearing anything.

It might be cool to look at for a few minutes, and there is more to see in the exhibit, but the real fun happens when three-dimensional art meets sound and people perform inside the speaker. The exhibit runs through SAT 11/22, and there are performances scheduled on many of the days/evenings: musicians of myriad genres, DJ's, spoken-word, etc. ("The Liberation of the Electric Guitar: 1964-1970" on 10/8 looks interesting,and there's a Halloween party scheduled...)

Go tonight and talk to Juan Angel Chavez -- you know you'll want to pick his brain about something. Free beer, wine, and goodies from Jose's Mexican Restaurant doesn't hurt either...

About the address above: Every building at MassArt is listed as "621 Huntington", but doesn't help people who don't know their way a round. If you look at the campus map [PDF], it looks like the South Building is around 611 Huntington Ave. If you see the Bakalar Gallery on the 2nd floor, you're going to the right way.

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