Wednesday, March 19, 2008

3/19: Vigils on Iraq War Anniversary

candlelight vigil boston
MoveOn has organized candlight vigils around the country, and 12 vigils will start at major traffic points in Boston at 5pm (others begin at 6pm or 7pm). Search here for one near you. Be warned: If you RSVP, you'll probably get a crapload of emails from MoveOn.

The purpose is honor the fallen and call on our leaders to end the war and set new priorities for our nation.
Pretty radical, huh?

Freedom of assembly is guaranteed in the Bill of Rights, but the current atmosphere makes me think that all our rights should be considered as a use it or lose it privilege. "If people don't peaceably assemble to make statements, why should the government allow us to do so...?"

It's a good idea to bring a candle. (You might want to use a wind-protector of some kind, like a cup or a plastic bottle with the bottom cut off.)

Five years, 3991 dead U.S. soldiers, 308 dead soldiers, ??? dead "contractors" (private soldiers), ?????? dead Iraqis, and how much progress...?

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