Tuesday, March 18, 2008

TUES 3/18: Protester in '68 Paris Riots Reflects

paris riots, 1968
7pm to 8pm
Daniel Cohn-Bendit, "The Legacy of 1968: A European Perspective": Lecture
at SMG Auditorium, 595 Comm Ave, Boston (BU campus)

Hey, 1968 was a wild year. A lot of stuff happened all over the world. I think it's cool that people come to Boston -- or even live here -- and share their knowledge. (One could probably get a damn good liberal arts education from all the free lectures around town.)

Daniel Cohn-Bendit was a student protester known as Dany le Rouge, and from my limited reading was a major force in the Paris riots of that year. It may not have changed French politics for the better, but it was part of youth empowerment. It seems so, but you could hear Cohn-Bendit talk about it; and he probably has something interesting, perhaps inspiring, things to say (if you care about history or geopolitics). He's still active as a leader of the Green Party in the European Parliament.

A reception follows the lecture, and I'm guessing it'll be a decent spread.

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