Monday, March 24, 2008

MON 3/24: Skeptics in Cambridge? I doubt it!

evolution in cambridge
Mike the Mad Biologist, "Defending Evolution the Right Way": Discussion
at The Asgard, 350 Mass Ave, Cambridge (between Central Sq & MIT)

Believe it or not, there are a lot of skeptics around these parts. In general, I also like to see some proof to believe something -- and I'm willing to accept that anything may be true until there is reasonable evidence to prove otherwise.

On the other hand, I like acting and thinking irrationally at my discretion.

The "Evolution vs. Creationism" seems to really be approaching the origin of species from two different places -- one being scientific and the other being religious and specifically Judeo-Christian. I've noticed creationists have recently framed their position as "intelligent design", and I would be curious to hear a clear, concise skeptical answer to I.D.

This crowd should enjoy debating the topic with anyone or hearing other points...

For the NPR people out there, these "Skeptics in the Pub" talks are organized by Rebecca Watson who won the Public Radio Talent Quest (or "Who Wants to be an NPR Star!") and skeptically does her thing in Boston.

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