Friday, March 21, 2008

"Punkt at Brix" Last Night

punkt sparkling wine
I walked about 5 minutes out of my way to go to the BRIX wine shop (Financial District) for the tasting that caught my eye yesterday. I feel a little cheated.

There were 3 liquers to try along with an Austrian sparkling wine (called "Punkt", see label above). I started with the pear liquer, which was alright. It had a very pleasant pear aroma, but the taste didn't spread waves of warm joy through my body. (WTF? Yes, that's hard to find in a bottle.)

I was getting ready for 'round 2' when the dude said he can offer only one tasting per person! Drats. I think it had to do with higher alcohol content... I feigned interest for a minute, then walked away (with a list of drink recipes).

In fairness, the shop was not overpriced. There were few bottles under $15, but they don't carry crap. I'd go to another tasting with wine, but with slightly lower expectations. I hear the South End shop is nice, and my tasting was in a glass champagne flute...

BTW: Don't have high expectations for the "Weekly List"...

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