Thursday, November 06, 2008

THUR 11/6: Film & Rock

If this wasn't enough rock options, Illinois and Hallelujah the Hills are playing at Great Scott for more than $10. Where would I go tonight? Tough choice. I know guys that are playing at TT's and downstairs at The Cantab. The CoPBS show is also tomorrow night (and original Television guitarist Richard Lloyd is playing at Church on Saturday).


THUR 11/6

"1000 Journals": Screening
at Gallery 263, 263 Pearl St, Cambridge (Cambridgeport)
$10 / $7 students ($2 online discount until noon)

About 8 years ago, an artist in San Francisco disbursed a thousand blank journals with no rules or instructions. One of them was returned to "Someguy" full of drawings, photos, and text. The documentary tells the story of the project and some of the people that have been in touch with the journals. All proceeds benefit Hostelling International's Cultural Kitchen program serving inner city youth in Boston.

A short reception period precedes the film, which starts at 7pm. (This might be the best time to get the free beer that's included with your admission.)

There are galleries everywhere, but I didn't know about this spot in the same building where the Organic Furniture Cellar used to be.

THUR 11/6

Slow Motion Driver (11pm), Drive-by Trio (10pm), Iries Massive (9pm); 50 Hz (8pm)
at Cantab Underground / Club Bohemia, 738 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Central Sq)

I couldn't find information about the early bands, but there is rock to shake off the sogginess tonight. Slow Motion Driver makes new anthem rock in the mold of Foreigner or Journey. The Driveby Trio kicks rock ass while delivering some of that same metalo-pop hooks that you love.

THUR 11/6

Jesse Malin (10:50pm), Cassavettes (9:50pm), The Dirty Truckers (9pm)
at TT the Bear's Place, 10 Brookline St, Cambridge (Central Sq)

Let's hope Jesse Malin shows up tonight. I think he's postponed a couple different Boston appearances over the last year. It's cool that we can still check him out in tiny clubs where you could almost touch him almost as easily as his songs touch his fans. Malin has come out of the punk scene to make a rough-and-ready version of rootsy music. I haven't fallen under the spell yet, but guests on his last album included Ryan Adams, Jakob Dylan, Josh Homme (QotSA), and a guy known as Bruce Springsteen.

Even if he doesn't show, Cassavettes and The Dirty Truckers, two of our best local rootsy rockers, could keep the crowd more than happy.

THUR 11/6 & FRI 11/7

The Cult of Point Break Society presents: Television's "Marquee Moon"
at Church, 69 Kilmarnock St, Boston (Fenway)
$10 / 21+

THUR 11/6:
CoPBS - "Marquee Moon" (11pm), The Motion Sick (10pm), Varsity Drag (9pm)

FRI 11/7:
CoPBS - "Marquee Moon" (11pm), The Great Bandini (10pm), Leo Blais (9pm)

Every year, the mastermind behind The Cult of Point Break Society (yes, named after the movie) chooses an album that's dear to deep rock fans and perform it all the way through. Last year was Neil Young's "Tonight's the Night", and they've also celebrated Big Star and Slint. It's a hodge-podge band of great local players that come together for the love of that year's artist. They rehearse a lot and recreate the music quite faithfully.

Television's "Marquee Moon" is one of those albums that influenced a million bands. I listened to it after I'd already been influenced by a thousand bands in between, but it has some killer tracks that I adore and some longer songs with inventive playing (much of which didn't pass on to the groups that followed). If you don't already love "Marquee Moon", you might think these guys are playing some awesome new music...

I already love The Motion Sick and Varsity Drag, so I prefer tonight's openers; but The Great Bandini and Leo Blais are super good rock and pop.

Proceeds benefit the Coalition of the Willing who provides famine relief in Southern Sudan.


Anonymous said...

Sorry it's so expensive at G.S. tonight! It wasn't our fault! HtH

rob v said...

For the record, this show is worth every penny of the $12. Thanks should go out to these awesome bands who keep the cover charge low!

(I just try to abide by my own $10 ceiling...)