Wednesday, November 12, 2008

WED 11/12: Cool Films, Free Rock

The Lights Out, November Wednesdays at Church

There were a couple other events going on today, but these were the best options...

I did see Aindrias de Staic at the Lily Pad last night, and he was hilarious -- much like I expected. Great energy and delivery. Probably the best $10 I've spent in a while, because I'd like to think most went to this Black Irish hippie-gypsy.


WED 11/12

Various Times
Tribute To Gerald Peary: Double Feature & Discussion
at Brattle Theatre, 40 Brattle St, Cambridge (Harvard Sq)

"It's A Gift" (5:15pm, 8:45pm)
"Charleen, or How Long Has This Been Going On" (7pm)

Gerald Peary has been a film critic for 30 years, and he is regular contributor to the Boston Phoenix as well as many of the well-regarded film periodicals (Film Comment, Cineaste, etc). Without keeping score, I trust his reviews; I don't recall being steered to a clunker by Peary. The Brattle has let him program tonight's schedule.

A ticket admits you to both movies whether one starts at 5:15pm or 7pm. Peary loves movies deeply, so we're not getting a double feature you'd see anywhere else. "It's A Gift" stars W.C Fields, and Gerry has called "the very funniest film ever made." Known not as a great story, but settings and performances are golden. The first documentary from acclaimed director Ross McElwee (who could show up...) centers around Charleen Swansea, a wild, vivacious Southern wit who was one of McElwee's high school teachers.

There's really more than 2 movies, because a short "33 Yo-Yo Tricks" is also screening at 7pm.

Peary will be introduce the 7pm and 8:45pm films, and a Q&A session will follow "Charleen, or How Long Has This Been Going On". A preview of his directorial debut ("For The Love Of Movies: The Story Of American Film Criticism") may be shown.

WED 11/12

The Blackboard Nails (Midnight), The Lights Out (11pm), Violet Violet (10pm), Suit Of Hair (9pm)
at Church, 69 Kilmarnock St, Boston (Fenway)
FREE / 21+

It's the 2nd Wednesday of The Lights Out's November residency, and you can go to more than one if you feel like it. They've got to-notch bands joining them all month.

The Lights Out might still be my favorite band of the night. They deliver on the big hooks and muscular guitar-pop of their recordings. Violet Violet is an upcoming UK trio of woman with lots of attitude who are on a mini-tour of Boston. They have a bit of an arty, punky vibe a la The Slits, riot-grrl stuff, etc. The Blackboard Nails include two of the guys from Baby Strange, and they're still making big rock that draws on a lot of excellent influences. I really like the name "Suit of Hair", so they start on the right foot. There's a slightly askew vibe to their spiky indie-rock that could really satisfy with more listening.

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