Friday, February 12, 2010

Cheap Valentine Ideas

I think people should celebrate their love throughout the year, and Valentines Day is an artificial and total BS. However, you might get some action with minimal effort... Good luck!

(Most of these ideas are from my old post, but...)


* Write a note of adoration in 25 words or less. Brevity is forceful, there's less opportunity to screw it up. Make it a haiku for poetic flair. Use some creative paper -- creative doesn't have to be fancy...

* Get some help from the pros and find a love poem for your situation. There images with romantic quotes, or you could send a Flash poem (various categories including "anti-Valentines") that can be personalized.

* Just look into their eyes, and say something heartfelt.

* Get a jug of wine and incense; call it "60s free love night".

* A good shag is nice any time of year.

* Rent a movie and make up a sexy game -- like "Inglorious Basterds": kiss/strip/naughty-act whenever they kill a Nazi...

* Have an indoor picnic of any kind. Even if you get fancy stuff, it'll probably be cheaper and no reservation is required.

* When was the last time you gave them a massage?

* If you're going to give a present, consider supporting an independent store of any kind (some hints).

* I like making a mix CD.

* Wherever you are, someone sent links to playlists that can be played on your smartphone or the web at Slacker Radio (you're loved one doesn't need to know the name): "Love Songs", "Rock Ballads", "Country Love", "Broken Heart", "Metropolitan Mood".

* Digital valentine candy is fun, low calorie, sustainable, and cheap:

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