Monday, February 22, 2010

TUES 2/23: Free Pancakes!

7am to 10pm
National Pancake Day
at Participating IHOP Locations

Even though it's National Pancake Day, most federal and municipal offices will be open tomorrow.

If one is to believe press releases, IHOP gave away more than 800k stacks of pancakes last year. In other words, you won't be alone if you claim your freebie.

However they will suggest you make a donation to support children’s hospitals. The nerve of these people They also claim to raise more money each year. With a quick bit of math, last year's average donation was about $2.

Make a snack or meal out of a short stack (3) of pancakes -- it's still not a bad deal when you include a cup of coffee, a reasonable gratuity, and a small donation.

There's a limit of one stack per person, and you have to eat them there. If you're going to the Brighton and Harvard Sq locations, the best #64/#66 bus transfer is near the nexus of Cambridge St, Brighton Ave, and N. Beacon St.

Or you can just have one stack...

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