Saturday, February 13, 2010

SUN 2/14: Art, Haiti, Poetry, Punk, Rock

Happy Chinese New Year everybody! “Gong hey fat choy!”

If you still need some last-minute Valentines Day ideas, you take a look below...


SUN 2/14

2:30pm to 5:30pm
Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School Cabaret: Life Drawing Class
at Great Scott, 1222 Comm Ave, Allston
$8 / 18+

There are few times when hanging out at a bar is considered creative or artistic -- napkin origami isn't that special... At Dr Sketchy's, drawing and drinking are combined at whatever ratio you desire as the usually wild models put provocative twist on traditional posing. 

No one is going to criticize your drawing, so don't worry about your skills. You gotta start some time, and you're not going to find a cheaper life-drawing class... with a bar... and no teacher...

A couple of tips: Come on time to get a seat up front. Keep it small so others can crowd in around you. Bring your stuff in a milk crate so you have something to sit on or put your stuff on. (we have lots of seats, but more is helpful) There will be some fancy paper for you to buy if you want.
Just go, get arty, have fun. You'll have some drawings to remember what you did...

Model: "Our very own Anti-Valentine Miss Jaclyn Friedman" who likely discuss love and read erotica while posing.

SUN 2/14

7pm to 1am
Hearts for Haiti
at River Gods, 125 River St, Cambridge (near Central Sq)
$5 Suggested donation / 21+

Listen to good tunes, eat Haitian food, buy raffle tickets to excellent prizes, and help others.

On the Facebook page, they show an impressive list of prizes: tickets to Elvis Costello, Flogging Molly, House of Blues Gospel Brunch, a Stella Artois picnic basket, some Haitian items and other cool stuff. The place ain’t that big, so you’ll probably win if you stay long enough...

All proceeds go to Partners In Health.

SUN 2/14

13th Anniversary Poetry Jam
at Lizard Lounge/Cambridge Common, 1667 Mass Ave, Cambridge (between Harvard Sq & Porter Sq)
$5 / 21+

Seems like we have an amazing pool of slam/poets. Even when things get a little too artsy-fartsy, it goes down easier with with a swinging jazz trio improvising in the background. The Jeff Robinson Trio has been doing it weekly for 13 years, so a lot of talented musicians (Phil Neighbors, John Frazee, Todd Brunel, Larry Roland, Mwalim, Keith Foley, Steve Chagariss, Regie Gibson, Joe Stewart, Rob Rivera) are celebrating with them.

That could be enough for a quality night, then you also have a top-notch group of spoken-word artists: Joyce Cunha, Iyeoka Okoawo, Marlon Carey, Regie Gibson, J*me, Christopher Johnson, Richard Cambridge, Mwalim, Delisile, Ryk McIntyre, Vernon "VCR" Robinson, Trish Ginese, Nicole "Cole" Rodriguez, Margot Malia and more

There will be a tribute to the great Brother Blue to commemorate his passing.

The slam starts at 8pm; the jam starts at 9:30pm.

SUN 2/14

The Welch Boys, The Blue Bloods, Refuse Resist, Ashers, The Murder, Full Powered Halo
at Great Scott, 1222 Comm Ave, Allston
$10 / 18+

Don’t whine about it being a Sunday night; you probably have Monday off. Get in the thick of it, and flail around to some of the best Boston hardcore punk. I read that Steve Risteen from Slapshot is joining Refuse Resist.

Ron Holbrook was the original drummer for The Welch Boys, and he passed away in '07. The proceeds will benefit his widow and two daughters.

SUN 2/14

Treat Her Right
at Toad, 1912 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Porter Sq)

Jim Fitting and David Champagne, along with the great Mark Sandman, had a rocking outfit about 20 years ago called Treat Her Right. Billy Conway was the drummer, but he lives in Montana these days. They had a bluesy flair and solid songwriting.

Why not revive the old tunes after the Sandman tribute concert in September? Tim Gearan, Billy Beard, and Steve Mayone will fill out the band for an evening of great fun.

SUN 2/14

The Arkanes, The New Frustrations, Forest Henderson
at Church, 69 Kilmarnock St, Boston (Fenway)
$5 / 21+

A young rock band from Liverpool is playing their first US gig in Boston. Will they make it big? Maybe; they seem to be off to a good start. It’s straight-up modern rock that Oasis/Vines fans will dig. They’re in good rockin’ company with the tasty mod/garage styings of The New Frustrations and the straightforward of Forest Henderson.

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