Friday, February 05, 2010

FRI 2/5: Winterfest, Film, Folk, Rock

Better late than never, right?


FRI 2/5 & SAT 2/6

Various Times
Annual Lowell Winterfest
Around Downtown Lowell [PDF map]
Mostly FREE

There is a spot in my heart for Lowell. It's further than most places I list, but it's so hard to find human dog-sledding! It was as cool as I expected as two (often creatively dressed) teams race against each other in minute-long heats that happen at relatively quick intervals. You can see my video and a couple pix from last year.

There's a bunch of activities and bands play. My faves were the races and the marshmallow roasting. Beer is sold too.

It could still be a good time although there's not much snow -- if any. Some of the highlights are in the post below.

It's not a far walk from the Commuter Rail station to Downtown Lowell, but there seems to be shuttles (#9 & "Downtown"?) too...

FRI 2/5

"Il y a longtemps que je t'aime" ("I've loved you so long"): Screening
at Room 300, Higgins Hall, 140 Comm Ave, Chestnut Hill (BC campus)

It's not exactly a feel-good Friday flick, but I remember many positive reviews for this French movie (with subtitles) that delves into some heavy subject matter. Who's not a Krisitin Scott Thomas fan after watching "The English Patient"?

There are more French films this month [PDF].

FRI 2/5

AA Bondy (11:45pm), Willy Mason (10:45pm), Ryan Lee Crosby & Elio DeLuca (10pm), Paul Sentz (9:10pm)
at TT the Bear's Place, 10 Brookline St, Cambridge (Central Sq)

I would've encouraged you to go listen to either AA Bondy or Willy Mason, if they were the only performer. It's amazing that you can get both of these incredible singer-songwriters who get underneath your skin in different ways and still touch your soul. You also get the fantastically melancholy of Ryan Lee Crosby who's joined by dude-of-many-bands Elio DeLuca.

FRI 2/5

Kingsley Flood (Midnight), Lifted (11pm), Brother Mosley (10pm) The Slim Pickings (9pm)
at Cantab Underground / Club Bohemia, 738 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Central Sq)

I really enjoy the rockin' Americana of Kingsley Flood, and I've dug the Lifted's funky/jazzy hip-hop when I occasionally listened to their stuff. I never thought about putting them together -- along with a funky rock band and another rootsy group.

FRI 2/5

Doggfight US, The Acro-Brats, Buried In Leather, Anarchcunts
at O'Brien's, 3 Harvard St, Allston
$7 / 21+

It's going to be a good, long night of fast, loud, and hard punk -- none of these bands are going to take it easy. It's one of the last shows to catch the fine Boston punk of Doggfight US. The Acro-Brats rip it with great riffs and attitude. Thankfully some bands just can't stop like Buried in Leather who I thought was hanging up their hardcore hat last year, but you've got another shot to hear them in-person. The one time I saw them, I remember it as being really loud and feeling like the music was pummeling me. Good times!

FRI 2/5

The Dangerous Brothers
at Toad, 1912 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Porter Sq)

Christian McNeill, Jimmy Ryan, Billy Beard, Tom Bianchi regularly play at Toad either solo or in various combinations. It's should be a good night for good tunes and good playing while drinking good beer.

FRI 2/5 & SAT 2/6

"This Is Spinal Tap"
at Coolidge Corner Theatre, 290 Harvard St, Brookline

Maybe metal-heads should hang out at a bar in Allston then head down Harvard St to see the greatest rockumentary about the world's loudest band. Before each screening, Derek Smalls would nod approvingly while puffing on his Calabash pipe at the very metal bands who'll play a set before the movie:

Friday -- Ramming Speed (expected to play some Spinal Tap tunes)
Saturday -- Razormaze (thrash)
The midnight shows at Coolidge Corner usually have something extra up their sleeves, so there might be a game or activity of some sort too.

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