Monday, June 01, 2009

MON 6/1: Laughs, Pix, Folk/Blues

Spider John Koerner, at Plough & Stars tonight
I guess the cheap stuff that caught my eye is in Cambridge tonight, but don't be afraid to cross the river. Most of the stuff is basically free, but it wouldn't hurt to consider putting something in the basket when it's passed around.

Update: Hang out (for free in Somerville) at PA's Lounge tonight at 7:30pm for the "First Deviled Egg-Off" [Facebook]. I love deviled eggs and beer.


MON 6/1

8pm to 10pm
Greater Boston Alternative Comedy Sleepover
Feat: Chris Coxen, Robby Roadsteamer, others
at Cantab Underground, 738 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Central Sq)
FREE-ish / 21+

After a couple shows, it seems this comedy night has been off to a good start. About 5 acts perform at each show with Chris Coxen (see last night's off-topic video) hosts and Roadsteamer is likely to do something each week. I couldn't find who was appearing tonight, you're likely to hear some wild, funny stuff.

It's free, but there's a chance that a donation will be suggested at some point in the night...

MON 6/1

JJ Gonson, "Rock and Roll in Black and White": Photography Opening
at ZuZu!, 474 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Central Sq)

Besides being a well-regarded chef, JJ Gonson photographed bands when she hung out among the Boston music scene beginning in the '80s. This exhibit is going to be for the month of June, but tonight is probably a chance to meet Gonson and and maybe hear some tales about the amazing photo chronicles from a multitude of clubs that no longer exist.

From my little research, she took a set of Nirvana pix when they played Man Ray, then they crashed at her place in JP. She was also an intimate friend and one-time manage of Elliott Smith, and she took the cover photos of his early solo albums.

Dave + The Daves will play some time after 10pm and are much like The Beat Awfuls with a different rhythm section than usual; it's another twisted, rootsy project originating from the Lot Six/Viva Viva band core. Nick Branigan & "special guest" will DJ

MON 6/1

Spider John Koerner
at Plough & Stars, 912 Mass. Ave, Cambridge (Central Sq)
FREE-ish / 21+

This gig is not on Spider John Koerner's web calendar, but he apparently used to regularly play at the Plough back in the '70s. It's probably a free show, but a donation might be welcome. Koerner has also played several free local gigs over the last couple years.

You can hear a country blues guitarist and singer who's been around so long that he was a contemporary of Bob Dylan on the '60s folk club scene. Dylan even mentions being impressed in his memoir "Chronicles, Vol. 1".

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