Monday, June 22, 2009

MON 6/22: Comedy, Country, Punk

MOTO, at Charlies Kitchen tonight
So the weather is crappy -- you're not going to melt. Monday morning, ugh.


MON 6/22

8pm to 10pm
Greater Boston Alternative Comedy Sleepover
Feat: Chris Coxen, Robby Roadsteamer, Ken Reid, Nicole Luparelli, Brian Longwell, Gregg Thibodeau
at Cantab Underground, 738 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Central Sq)
FREE-ish / 21+

It looks like Chris Coxen, who hosts (with his cast of 'characters') and Robby Roadsteamer are the conspirators behind this comedy night. Tonight's lineup includes the very funny Ken Reid and Nicole Luparelli of ribald music duo, The Steamy Bohemians. I got a kick out of Brian Longwell and his 'non-motivational speaking tips'.

It's free, but there's a chance that a donation will be suggested at some point in the night...

MON 6/22

The Coachmen
at Atwoods Tavern, 877 Cambridge St, Cambridge (East Cambridge)

Maybe a night of classic honky-tonk/rockabilly from The Coachmen will brighten up a rainy summer night. It doesn't hurt that Atwoods has good beer selection that leans towards the potent and Belgian.

Back in January, they were joined by local guitar great Duke Levine to rip it up with Coachmen's ace guitarist Jerry Miller. Those who heard the band that night were blown away.

The band's AOL web page went down last year, and I doubt they even care. There wasn't much info there anyway, but here's a YouTube clip if you want to get a taste.

MON 6/22

MOTO, Midnight Creeps, The Tampoffs
at Charlies Kitchen, 10 Eliot St, Cambridge (Harvard Sq)
$5 / 21+

MOTO -- or Masters Of The Obvious -- started rocking a la Ramones in New Orleans about 25 years ago, moved to Boston in 1987, then moved to Chicago in 1989. They recently resumed playing Boston-area gigs about every two years, so you might have to wait until 2011 for the next time through town.

Midnight Creeps and Tampoffs will get the crowd going. Tampoffs will hit you with a rough, in-your-face garagey-punk. Midnight Creeps are a bunch of crazy punks from Providence with a wild frontwoman, and they must be a sight to see.

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