Friday, October 01, 2010

10/2 & 10/3: Even Cheaper Thrift Shopping

Hey, Somervillians, I should also mention that the Nave Gallery is having a "Semi-annual Flea Market" on Saturday from 10am to 1:30pm:

Most items are $20 and under, including furniture, books, CDs, clothes, coats, lamps, housewares, pots, handbags, candle holders, belts, and much much more! Proceeds to benefit Nave programming.

They also say there will be "deep discounts" during the last half-hour.


11am to 5pm
Parking Lot Party
behind Boomerangs,716 Centre St, Jamaica Plain (enter via Harris Ave)
- Whatever You Buy

While it's already a good place to find cool stuff on the cheap, Boomerangs is having a parking lot sale.

What makes it a party? DJ's, baby. I suspect you'll hear the the most underground of the underground that hipsters pretend to know -- or Kool and the Gang. Maybe both.

And the prices sound pretty darn right to me!

Clothing items and books = $1 each

Fill a bag for $5
I assume it will be their bags, because we don't want people to bring giant duffel bags, etc.

Proceeds always benefit the AIDS Action Committee, so buying stuff is a karmically excellent thing to do.

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