Saturday, October 23, 2010

SAT 10/23: Rowing, Art, Film, Lanterns, Rock

Hopefully I'll post more weekend cheapness after going to the barber.


SAT 10/23 & SUN 10/24

8am-ish to 5pm-ish
Annual Head of the Charles Regatta
along the Charles River, Cambridge (and Boston)

Your average person person doesn't follow rowing. I think I was rooting against the Winklevoss brothers while I was watching "The Social Network". I do admire the rowers on the Charles in the morning when I'm on the Red Line, and Head of the Charles is so Boston.

I've never stayed for the day, but it makes for a good hour or two along the river. The Iraqi rowing team is even competing!

Do I have a good spot to suggest? Anywhere that's easy for you. I usually do my Red Line thing and roughly walk from the Central Sq point somewhere close to Harvard Sq.

SAT 10/23 & SUN 10/24

Noon to 5pm
Dorchester Open Studios
Various Locations near Uphams Corner and Lower Mills

It's a bit spread out, and more information was available on another site, but my theory is that lower rent attracts dedicated artists. Some spots are individual artists, and some are group locations.

It also bothers me when people paint Dorchester with a broad brush; there are good neighborhoods in Dorchester. It's a big frigid' place where most of the violence happens in one square mile.

If you feel like trying to get a free cup of coffee between 2pm and 3pm, there's a barista competition at Ledge Kitchen. I think this seems like you can avoid the $20 suggested donation for the Greater Boston Food Bank with a bit of deflection...

SAT 10/23

"Fantastic Planet"
at Bright Screening Room, Paramount Theatre, 559 Washington St, Boston (Downtown Crossing)
$10 / $5 students

I think I saw this French sci-fi classic on a crappy VHS when I was in high school, and I was tripping out. (Although it many not have completely been the movie...)

There are other films screening over the at the newly renovated Paramount Center, but this is a cool one to possibly see on the big screen.

SAT 10/23 & SUN 10/24

Annual Lantern Parade
at Jamaica Pond, 507 Jamaicaway, Jamaica Plain

Even though this looks like it’s mainly a family/kids-oriented type of activity, single adults with attitude can also enjoy themselves with or without irony.

Think of it as hundreds of people walking around Jamaica Pond (not in the pond) with handmade lanterns for your pleasure. You walk around and enjoy the different views.

Just sit back and enjoy the view or make one ($5) in the afternoon.

An ambitious Sunday would include a trip to Forest Hills Cemetery the 10th anniversary celebration of their Sculpture Path as well as an E.E. Cummings Celebration.

SAT 10/23

The Figgs (9pm), Sarah Levecque Band (10:30pm)
at Sally O'Brien's, 335 Somerville Ave, Somerville (Union Sq)

I'm really shocked about this show. The Figgs are one of the great American rock 'n roll bands (ask Graham Parker and Tommy Stinson who have used them as their backing bands).

I received an email that they will be playing "Sucking in Stereo" in its entirety, which is the CD that made me fall in love with them 10 years ago! Of course, that would be my fave Figgs album, but it truly is a power-pop masterpiece (in my totally subjective opinion).

I can only assume that the place will be swamped, so you might want to get there early. (I'm worried about getting shut out due to dinner plans...)

Stick around for some sweet, bluesy country-rock from Sarah Levecque.

SAT 10/23

Apple Betty, Mars, Kahoots, Butts
at PA's Lounge, 345 Somerville Ave, Somerville (Union Sq)
$7 -- 21+ / $10 -- 18+

I really like to offer a bit diversity in my choices, but the other rock show I liked is practically next door to The Figgs. Think about it like this: If you can't get into The Figgs, you probably won't regret paying for this kickass line-up.

Without being a cheap facsimile, Apple Betty is one of those bands that evoke the easygoing abandon of Ramones. They bash it out in their own way like three friends who decided to start a band for no better reason than doing it, and they've got that thing that makes you want to jump around the room (or at least smile and bob the head).

For some people, seeing Kahoots is how I feel about The Figgs. It's rare to see these punky-indie legends hauling themselves from the Vineyard to play gigs in Somerville. Butts are a couple punk-rock chicks from Seattle who sound like to hang out and have a good time -- and I love it. Mars flat-out rock, so dig it.

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