Friday, December 30, 2011

FRI 12/30: Occupy, Rock, Dance

The end (of the year) is nigh!

I posted some cheap options a couple days ago, and I compiled a few cheap sparkling wines that I might drink last night.


FRI 12/30

5:30pm to 8:30pm
Occupy Boston 3rd Month Anniversary
at Dewey Square Park, Kennedy Greenway, Boston (near South Station)

Well, it was 3 months ago when the Occupiers planted themselves and began the local experiment in democratic dissent. Since they're not camping out at this point, it should be interesting to hear their current take on the meaning of 'Occupy'.

I have a feeling that the group may cross the street to cause the Federal Reserve some grief and commemorate the night when people were arrested for trying to expand the settlement.

They suggest to bring a pillow. (Do I smell a pillow fight...?)

If you don't feel like clicking the link, the hashtag for tonight's adventures is #D30.

FRI 12/30

Giant Target, Death of the Cool, Boarcorpse, Bookkeeper
at Middle East - Upstairs, 472 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Central Sq)
$10 / 18+

I know that members of Giant Target and Death of the Cool work at the company that brought us games like "Guitar Hero" and "Rock Band", and I think you can play their songs on some of the games. (And maybe there are other Harmonix employees on the bill?)

If you're more of the "stand in the bar and listen" type, they'll whip up some big, loud, grungy rock along with the metal sounds of Boarcorpse (of course) and the indie-punky Bookkeeper.

FRI 12/30

9pm to 2am
Bootie Boston #43: The Eve of New Years Eve
at Good Life, 28 Kingston St, Boston (Downtown Crossing)
$5 / 21+

Feat: DJ Real One, DJ McFly, Spencer4Hire, Adam Balm

At one point, I was mad about mash-ups. It's still can be fun to hear several good songs at the same time, so this might be a good prelude or substitute for tomorrow night.

As usual, the first 50 people at the door get free Bootie Boston CD's.

FRI 12/30

The Pill
at Great Scott, 1222 Comm Ave, Allston
FREE / 21+

At some point, they figured that some people don't want to pay $5 for tonight's dancing AND go out on NYE (Hi, Bootie Boston).

Tonight is free, baby. Like your body should be when DJ Ken & Michael V guide you on the floor.

FRI 12/30

Chris Brokaw Band, Tim Foljahn, Thalia Zedek
at Plough & Stars, 912 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Central Sq)

If you know about Two Dollar Guitar, then I don't need to do more than remind you that was Tim Foljahn's band -- and you probably know Chris Brokaw and Thalia Zedek.

If not, I'll say these performers have been doing cool alt-rock stuff since the '90s. (Brokaw and Zedek were in Come together.) All of them are still making intense music at varying levels of volume that will likely say "Whoa!" internally and/or externally.

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