Saturday, December 10, 2011

SAT 12/10: Day Cheapness

Annual Santa Speedo Run
More to come...


SAT 12/10

10am to 5pm
75th Anniversary Community Day
at Institute for Contemporary Art, 100 Northern Ave, Boston (South Boston/Seaport)

When the new ICA opened, it was a really big deal -- and a really big crowd. It was so crowded that I hung out in the gigantic waiting tent for a couple hot drinks then decided to return later.

I've paid to get in, and I've gone on a couple Thursday nights (when it's always free). I encourage you to check it out anytime, but they have free admission to encourage your visit.

It can't be as crowded as 2006… There are some free performances throughout the day that are associated with the "Dance/Draw" exhibition.

And there is free hot cocoa (while supplies last)...

SAT 12/10

Noon to 9pm
Sailor Jerry Tattoo
at Regeneration Tattoo, 155 Harvard Ave, Allston

I would definitely call before going at this point (617-782-1313) to see about the situation. As I mentioned a couple days ago, they were taking reservations.

If some people will actually pay for a tattoo, there will certainly be more who will want a free one...

SAT 12/10

Annual Santa Speedo Run
Starts at Lir Tavern, 903 Boylston St, Boston (Back Bay)
FREE to watch

If I had known it was going to be this warm on race day, I would've registered!

Maybe not, but I would've considered it... All of the 500 runners have raised at least $400 that will go to this year's charity, the Play Ball Foundation.

Of course, hundreds of speedo-ed runners around Boylston and Newbury is a spectator sport. Straight dudes shouldn't feel weird about going, because it seems like more women run each year. (But then you might look pervy?)

There are quite a few bars/restaurants that ring the route.

SAT 12/10

"The Directors' Project": 10-minute plays
at Jewels 1 Studio, Room 352, CFA Bldg, 855 Comm Ave, Boston (BU campus)

How bad can a student play be when it's only 10 minutes long? Okay, maybe it will be less bearable when it happens 7, 8, or 9 times -- however I feel that won't be the case.

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