Sunday, December 25, 2011

SUN 12/25: Holiday Stuff...?

Feliz Navidad, amigos!

Would you like a suggestion for a Xmas Day from a stranger? Perhaps you do.

Do the Chinatown meal. Maybe walk through the Common even though the skating rink is closed today.

If you're willing to trek to the far corner of North End, Aragosta has something called "Ultimate Hot Chocolate Bar" (2pm to 5pm) every Saturday & Sunday where you get a cup of hot chocolate with various whipped cream and topping choices for $4. You can add a "chef's dessert tasting" for $6, and they'll add booze to your cocoa for $4 more.

If you drive, parking meters are free in Boston today.

Other than that, I suggest basically the same as yesterday.

Hopefully, I have more time for cheap-blogging after holiday celebrations tonight.


SUN 12/25

11am to 6pm
The Enchanted Village
at Jordan's Furniture, 100 Stockwell Dr, Avon

Maybe because this chunk of Boston history is part of my childhood memories, but I think the barely-animated displays of winter scenes look really friggin' creepy!

The semi-realistic mannequins that usually have one slowly-moving element reminds me of an old "Twilight Zone" episode. Maybe chug a bottle of cough syrup, have a blueberry muffin, and brave the long lines...

Someone at About went a couple weeks ago, and the lines were long (obviously).

I think it's open today and will stay open until New Year's Day.

SUN 12/25 (thru ???)

After Dark
Illuminations: Self Tour
around Somerville (Winter Hill, Union Sq, East Somerville)
$5 to $3 to FREE

Did you miss the trolley tours but still want to bask in Somerville's multi-colored glow. It wouldn't be too hard to drive around at your own pace and enjoy the glowing gaudiness. Any can walk it, of course, depending on how far or long one wants to go.

It's probably too late to but Illuminations book or map.

Some people rode their bicycles along the route last week, and they made a Google map. It ain't as pretty, but it gives you an idea where to go...

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