Wednesday, December 02, 2009

12/2: Eat a Free Cupcake

"The Great Cupcake Giveaway"
at Lyndell's Bakery

7am to 6pm
at 720 Broadway, Somerville (Ball Sq)

11am to 10pm
at 227 Hanover St, Boston (North End)


"One free cupcake per customer." (Until supplies last, presumably.)

I can't vouch for the new location, but Lyndell’s in Somerville is on the same level as the great bakeries in North End -- and I've regularly eaten Maria's, Mike's and Modern.

However these folks should kick ass on tasty baked goods, because the shop has been open for 122 years!

One of the wonderful things is that this bakery has only changed hands three times since Birger Lyndell (nee Lindahl, from Sweden) began his Somerville bread delivery service in 1887. This is a sign of long-standing focus on the quality versus incredulous profits.

Since their 120th anniversary, they've given out free cupcakes to celebrate so it looks like they're starting a tradition for the next 120 years...

I don't know what kind of choice you get (above photo depicts samples from the North End shop), but I'm thinking about getting a box and considering the free one as a discount. Heck, I really want to throw a brick through the window and eat a day-old cupcake right now.

Bottom line: If you ever need cookies, pastries or a cake, Lyndell's is never a bad choice.

Postscript: I don't know if these guys are related BUT isn't interesting how one of the current owners is named Galatis, and there's a dentist down the street named Galitis. Hmmm...

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chitosan said...

Reminds me of my childhood love of baked beans… the kind from a tin. I used only eat rice with sauce, so the nights where my mom cooked dishes without sauce, she would open up a tin of baked beans for me to mix with my rice. Oooh I have a craving now!