Saturday, December 26, 2009

SAT 12/26: Stories & Songs & Napkins

Wow, writing this from the West Coast is three hours harder than usual... I might have missed some stuff, but these are top-quality cheap entertainment options. I saw another music gig that was also pretty good, but I liked this one better (and it's cheaper).


SAT 12/26

2pm & 8pm
"Tru Grace: Holiday Memoirs"
at Central Square Theater, 450 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Central Sq)
$10 * with Discount Code

Still in the mood for some Xmas spirit? I believe you'll feel that warm, fuzzy feeling after watching these two stories. If not, just hang out at the mall and watch the consumers lurch along.

Find discount code and showtimes (and more) here in the post below. Check the schedule since there are still a couple performances.

SAT 12/26

Jesse Dee

Christoph Krey, Leo Blais, Adena Atkins, others

at Toad, 1912 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Porter Sq)

Maybe it's a full day of going to stores for returns and sales, or maybe it's a day of playing with new stuff, or maybe it's time to recover on the couch. It could be a good night to sneak into a tiny bar and hoist as many adult beverages as possible while listening to some cool tunes at a relaxed volume. You can chat, but not too close to the stage...

You'd miss the soulful singer-songwriter Jesse Dee who has a big bag of strong songs, and he's pretty damn nimble on the gee-tar. I would've put his Christmas song in my holiday mix, but it looked like I'd have to wait for the LP to arrive...

If you stick around, the late show might have a little Xmas theme. At least 3 talented folks will probably perform solo sets. Maybe join together for a couple tunes. It's been deemed a "bonfire session" in a couple spots.

Christoph Krey is the singer in the dependably rockin' McAlister Drive. Leo Blais seems like a very creative guy who makes makes powerpop with a strong aesthetic sense that includes handmaking the artwork on his CD's and decorating his apartment with his lyrics. I think I've heard Adena Atkins on WERS, because she sounded familiar to me. If not familiar, she sounds like a lovely sprite ensconced in delicate, alluring songs.

SAT 12/26

MC Mr. Napkins
at Club Passim, 47 Palmer St, Cambridge (Harvard Sq)

To witness the full genius -- and I really mean "genius" -- of Zach Sherwin/MC Mr. Napkins, you could do worse than going to Passim tonight. I read that he's doing an hour set. That might be a stretch for some comedians, Napkins is the funniest rapper you may ever hear. The material is so clever, and I don't hear any filler in there. There's an unreal amount of hilarity per minute, and he doesn't reach for easy jokes; the humor is smart and never mean.

The countdown continues before Sherwin leaves townn to become a huge star in L.A. at the end of the year. If not tonight, find him soon. (Club Passim has barely started selling beer and wine for those who may be used to the comedy club vibe...)

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