Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Psst... Some Free Mp3's

Hey friends,

I see a lot of links and click on many of them. One particular trail that I can't recall led me to Insound.

It's one of those cool websites where bands can sell their music on vinyl.

The interface is very friendly, and they offer a lot of free mp3's of complete songs. The bands are mainly non-mainstream, but they are real-deal bands that put out stuff that should be filling the airwaves.

The free downloads probably change at any time. I threw a bunch of tunes from bands I like (or have heard of) into an iTunes playlist, hit 'shuffle', and made a pretty sweet indie CD sampler:

"Lust For Life" - Girls
"Change of Heart" - El Perro Del Mar
"Say Yes" - Langhorne Slim
"Can't Get Over You" - Vivian Girls
"Sugalumps" - Flight Of The Conchords
"In The NA" - The Hidden Cameras
"Fables" - The Dodos
"Dominos" - The Big Pink
"River May Come" - Wild Yaks
"Hunchback" - Kurt Vile
"Hindsight" - Built To Spill
"Freedom" - Daniel Johnston
"Magpie To The Morning" - Neko Case
"Best Of Me" - Morningwood
"French Navy" - Camera Obscura
"And the Hazy Sea" - Cymbals Eat Guitars
"Percussion Gun" - White Rabbits
"Here To Fall" - Yo La Tengo
"Last Dance" - The Raveonettes
"Pa Pa Power" - Dead Man's Bones
It's great to see that records are coming back. You should buy some discs from Insound and appreciate a band's output as the artist had intended. They also sell shirts and posters and other kewl stuff...

It's fun, it sounds better than you think/remember, and people will admire your hipness!

My song of the day was "Say Yes" by Langhorne Slim. Nothing is wrong with it; everything is right.

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