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FRI 12/4: Art, Jazz, Rock

Post This! Rock posters at Space 242
Oh, dang. Well, it's a decent post for today. Far from all of the cheapness in town, but I feel good about these options.

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FRI 12/4

The XX -- Performance Only
at Newbury Comics, 332 Newbury Street, Boston (Back Bay)

My apologies to "The XX", but "The xx" doesn't look like a band name. I know they think it's clever because all of the band members were all 20 years old at the time, but lower-case roman numerals should be saved for detailed outlines or similar applications.

These London art-school kids are opening for Friendly Fires at The Paradise tonight, and I'd go see them for free if I was in Back Bay. I like the sparse and subtle approach, which complements the nonchalant male-female vocals trading off. It may even be a sparser sound since 1/4 of the band left last month.

FRI 9/4

5pm to 9pm
First Friday Open Studios
at SoWa Arts Bldg, 450 Harrison Ave, Boston (South End)

Unless you actually spend a full 4 hours, it's doubtful that you'd get to all of the approx. 50 artist studios. Don't fret, because this happens on the first Friday of every month. Maybe some of the artists will have some pieces "priced to move"...

Go in a direction or pick a floor or just wander around until you see something you like through the open door.

There's a lot of frickin' art that's also happening near the SoWa Building:

A public preview of "Post This!", the new exhibit at Space 242, is happening tonight. More than 100 Boston rock posters from the 90's going forward will be on display. There is no distinction on the RSVP page between tonight or next week's opening reception, but you might as well be on the safe side if you're interested.

When Blood, Sweat and Tears was good, Fred Lipsius played saxophone in the band and arranged several of their hits. He teaches at Berklee and is an visual artist as well. There's a reception at D Scale, a hip furniture store down the street. His paintings aren't my cup of tea, but I'd guess he might even play a bit at some point...

FRI 12/4

6pm to 10pm
"The Good, The Bad & The Junkyard II": Exhibit & Sale
at Museum of Bad Art, Somerville Theatre, 55 Davis Sq, Somerville (Downstairs by restrooms)

"Junkyard art" meets "bad art" again, but there is a difference.

To paraphrase a Supreme Court justice: I could take time to explain "bad art" to you, but you'll know it when you see it. Junkyard Art is an attempt to bring affordable art to people. You might not find a lot of stuff that's less than $10, but I bet the holiday paper goods could be reasonable. (The big pieces might range between $70 to $150).

For $3, you could buy a raffle ticket and win some art! Other prizes are gifts from the Somerville Theatre, Dave's Fresh Pasta, and Boston Burger Co. (There's an online two-for-one offer too.) At the very least, you can enjoy a drink and popcorn...

An RSVP is requested by email to give an idea of crowd size. As far as getting in, I think I just told the ticket-taker that I was going to the MoBA event.

FRI 12/4

Gabrielle (Riley) Agachiko
at Lily Pad, 1353 Cambridge St, Cambridge (Inman Sq)

I must have seen one of the last gigs by Gabrielle Agachiko's old band Buck Moon, because the MySpace page hasn't been updated since 2007. While Buck Moon was a funky marriage of soul and rock. It looks like this ensemble is distinctly jazzier.

Besides the typical battery of guitar/piano/bass/drums, there should be flute, sax, and trumpet by players from groups like Either/Orchestra and Revolutionary Snake Ensemble. She also performed at a Nina Simone tribute concert earlier this year.

Bottom line: Agachiko is an amazing singer with an awesome band backing her. Besides the originals, expect to hear rich source material from jazz and musicals.

FRI 12/4

I Pistol (Midnight), Topheavy (11pm), The Motion Sick (10pm)
at Precinct, 70 Union Sq, Somerville (Union Sq)

Well, this is a ridiculously good rock show. In general, I'm a fan of the 3-band night -- it feels like the right amount of music and you're less likely to get a dud. In fact this is a out-and-out fireworks show, and I'm not talking about some bottle rockets you smuggled from New Hampshire.

If I had a problem with I Pistol, it might be that they're too good. Darn them for churning out song after song of well-crafted crunchy, fuzzy, powerpopping rock. These guys are so solid; I shake my under-talented fist at them. Likewise Topheavy rock out with an abundance of cool riffs weaving into their tunes. In a fireworks show, think about a section when the pace is quick and multi-colored; you're not done admiring the last one before the next one explodes.

The times are always just guidelines, but you really should get there much earlier than 10pm because you won't want to miss a jot of The Motion Sick. Multi-colored, multi-layered, multi-dimensional? As soon as I heard their first album, I was hooked by the quirky, catchy rock. They keep expanding their sound, and the words and music binds together brilliantly.

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